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Audrey Exposed by Roxy Queen + smokin' EXCERPT

Audrey Exposed by Roxy Queen

Genre: Erotic Romancee


For Audrey her body is her worst enemy. For Graham it’s his biggest temptation.

With his assistance she must embark on a journey to conquer her fears by allowing herself to discover feelings of pleasure, the power of her body and the thrill of sex.

With each revelation they sink deeper into one another, merging into the other’s lives in and outside their protective bubble.

There’s only one goal. One objective and together they’ll break new ground, layer by layer, until Audrey’s exposed.

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I wipe my hands on my dress, staring at the numbers 806 on the gold metal plate. This is it, Audrey. You’ll walk in that door a girl and eventually come out a woman.
“I’m such a loser,” I mumble to myself, and twist the doorknob.
A man hops up from the love seat when I enter. He has dark hair and a defined, closely shaved jaw. He’s handsome, definitely not smelly or gross, and strangely familiar.
“Have we met before?” I blurt, trying to place him.
“Um… I don’t think so,” he says, flashing a heart-stopping smile. His eyes meet mine and they’re bluer than blue. Henry Cavill.
“Oh, I saw you going up the elevator last week.”
“Right. Of course, I remember that,” he says with an even brighter smile. Adorable dimples appear on his cheeks. He holds out his hand. “You were loitering in the lobby. I’m Graham.”
 I remember why I’m here and my face burns, surely, turning bright red. I take his hand anyway and say, “Audrey.”
“Right,” I repeat feeling like an idiot.
“Would you like to sit down?” he asks.
“I guess so, thanks.” I take the same spot as the other day but this time I sit in the middle, hoping he doesn’t try to sit next to me. What am I doing here?
Graham sits across from me and says, “I know this is all new for you, but please don’t be uncomfortable. Dr. Markson has told me all about your situation and I just want to help. I think together we have a really good chance of defeating your anxiety.”
His speech is so sincere and he’s giving me the most empathetic smile. I want to die of humiliation. Covering my face with my hands, I groan. “Oh God, this is so embarrassing.”
“Because you know I’m a defective misfit; and you’re here to help me with something I never share with anyone. Like ever, yet you’re just talking about it like its normal.”
“It’s your normal,” he says.
“Yeah. Whatever.” I cross my arms over my chest and nervously look around the room, anywhere but at him. I notice a small black journal on the coffee table. “What’s that?”
“Those are our instructions and guidelines for the day.” He picks the book up, and says, “Want me to read them?”
My stomach burns from anxiety. I want run from the room and never look back. “I guess we may as well see what this is all about.”

Roxy Queen

Roxy lives in the south with her family, two dogs and a semi-feral cat. Her office window looks over a tree-fort and she secretly obsess over the college-aged neighbor down the street, zombies and how much glitter is too much (answer: there's no such thing). All of her books are rooted in a glimmer of reality with a heap of fiction.
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The Seduction, Part 3 by Roxy Sloane

The Seduction, Part 3 by Roxy Sloane

The explosive new series continues….

I thought he would protect me.

I believed his beautiful lies.

I wanted to give him everything – and I was willing to pay the price.

Now everything has changed.

He may be the Seducer, but I’ll be the one who takes the ultimate prize: His heart.

*part three of the sinful, seductive new series*

New to the Series?! Grab parts 1 & 2 now!

Part 1:

All women look the same on their knees with their lips wrapped around my cock. 

You like to think you're different, special somehow. But trust me, I'll have you wet and begging for it before you can think of all those bullshit, good girl reasons why not.

I'm your darkest secret. Your dirtiest fantasy.

Who am I?  The Seducer.  And I've never lost a case.  Until her. Keely Fawes. My mysterious new target.  Someone wants to destroy her -- and I'm their weapon of choice.

Her secrets could be my undoing. Her innocence will ruin me.  But I don't care.

I'm going to show her how fucking good it feels to be bad. She'll come screaming my name if it's the last thing I do.

Part 2: 
Show me a woman who doesn't like to be dominated, and I'll show you a fucking liar.

It's OK, you can admit it. I won't tell. You want it rough and deep and dirty. You want to hear the steel in my voice when I tell you exactly how to please me. And you want to know, I won't hesitate to punish you if you don't follow my commands to the letter.

Yeah, that's right. I'll punish you, and I won't go gentle either. I'll bend you over and spank that sweet ass until it's branded with my handprint. Until it hurts so good, you forget where the line is between pleasure and pain.

Who am I? The Seducer. And now I'm in way over my head.

I thought she was just a job to me, another girl to screw. But now she's under my skin, and I can't just walk away. My secrets are spiraling out of control, but I can't quit now. She doesn't realize the danger she's facing -- or that her biggest threat is me.

I want to protect her, but I could wind up destroying us both.

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Sinful Sunday - 6.29.14 - Colin Wayne + best joke of the week

Can I just say...YUM!?!  I mean seriously, Yah-UM!!

This week's best joke from the "Jokes you can't tell your Mother" calendar - 

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cover reveal: Slammed by Skyla Madi


Once upon a time, Selena Graham met a boy named Jackson Quinn…

This isn’t your typical fairytale, no. This one is twisted and the role of prince charming is filled by one man too set in his ways. 

Jackson is demanding, always needing things done a certain way and with sex, he needs it hard and fast with a side of pain. Selena thought she was into it, until she found out how much he really wanted from her. 
She knows he’s too much for her, but he’s the only person besides her best friend who accepts her for who she really is—out of control and desperate for attention. So she follows him deeper into his world, playing dangerously on the edge.
Despite all of his downfalls, Selena holds on for dear life as Jackson fights desperately against his inner demons in an attempt to relinquish control and finally let love take over.


Author Bio

Skyla Madi, born in Wauchope, New South Wales, currently resides slightly North of Brisbane, Australia with her husband, daughter and dog, Bane. 

She attended no universities nor has she received any awards. At the age of seventeen Skyla decided to pursue a writing career and signed with Limitless Publishing. At 21, she has a #1 bestselling trilogy (Consumed) under her belt. 

When she's not hard at work writing, she spends her time, reading, watching movies and being a mum.

cover reveal: LUKE by HJ Bellus

Cover Model: Sean Smith
Cover Designer: Wicked by Design
Releasing Late Fall 2014


Life has never been the same since she left...

Booze helps dull the heartache at times and others it only fuels my anger. 

Fights don’t matter. Win or lose its all the same shit. night, one fight.

Who knew one night would change everything. She’s back, and my heart doesn’t 

stand a chance. 

But this may be a fight I’m willing to lose.

About the Author

I am an independent author excited about releasing my first novel very soon. A big dream coming true!!! I'm all country...the kinda country where green grass grows and corn pops up in Miranda and her bad ass music!!! Just a simple country girl getting one story out of her head at a time...I always fall hard for a trucker style hat...especially if it's a John Deere hat....loves me a good ol' farm boy!!!!!!

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DEADLY CHEMISTRY by Teri Anne Stanley + Excerpt + GIVEAWAY

Some chemical reactions generate too much heat...

DEADLY CHEMISTRY by Teri Anne Stanley

Release Date: June 23, 2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Book Synopsis:
Former undercover cop Mike Gibson has been lying low, working as a maintenance man to put his troubled younger brother through college. But when a beautiful scientist enlists Mike’s help to repair the damage done to her lab by a group of vandals, Mike finds that his, and his brother's pasts, are about to be brought to light.
Laura Kane was happy having a secret crush on the hot maintenance man at Tucker University, but when the drug she was studying is stolen, Laura has a chance to get to know Mike in person. The problem is, he seems to know more about what's going on than any maintenance man should. But then the drug turns up in the wrong hands, and Mike and Laura have to decide if their own chemistry will help, or hinder, the race to save innocent lives.
Barnes & Noble Buy Link:

Author Bio:
Teri Anne Stanley has been writing since she could hold a crayon--though learning to read was a huge turning point in her growth as a writer. Teri's first stories involved her favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters, followed by her favorite teen idols.  She has also authored a recipe column (The Three Ingredient Gourmet), and scientific articles (Guess which was more interesting!).  Now she writes fun, sexy romance filled with love, angst, and nekkid parts.
Teri's career has included sex therapy for rats, making posing suits for female body builders, and helping amputee amphibians recover to their full potential. She currently supplements her writing income as a neuroscience research assistant.  Along with a variety of teenagers and dogs, she and Mr. Stanley live just outside of Sugartit, which is—honest to God—between Beaverlick, and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.
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He was not for her. Nerdy scientist girls had to stay away from hot guys with big, muscle-y arms and none smiles. So why the heck couldn’t she stop looking back at the biology building?
She shook herself. What was wrong with her? She had to get out of here. She could lust after him from a distance. That would be fine. Safe. He could be her pretend lover. She turned the key and threw the car into gear. With one last glance over her shoulder toward her new imaginary boyfriend, she stomped her foot on the accelerator. And promptly shot backward over the curb, knocking over a trash can, which wound up wedged under the rear bumper.
“Gack!” She put the car in park and jumped out to survey the damage. Rounding the back end and seeing the trash can, she shrieked and stepped out of the way of a family of possums—a mom and three…teenagers? They tottered about, blinking in the bright morning sunshine.
“Whoa, careful!” Maintenance Man Mike was suddenly there, grabbing Lauren’s upper arms and shifting
her out of the way of the scraggly little things. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” she said. “But the kids—I ran over their house!” One of the little ones clung to its mother’s fur, but two others careened blindly away from the scene of the home wrecking.
“I tell you what,” Mike said. “You pull your car forward, off the trash can, then we’ll see if we can’t help ’em out.”
“Okay.” Lauren’s heartbeat started to slow and beat a regular rhythm. Except where Mike had touched her arms. There, her skin seemed to be throbbing and tingling.
She moved her car forward and off of the sidewalk, then went back to Mike and the possum. Fortunately, there were no other faculty members’ cars in the lot yet. What would she have told them? No, I wasn’t texting anddriving. I was mentally undressing a stranger.
 Please, God…don’t let it be her drug they were talking about on the news. After Crawford left, Mike stopped fiddling with settings on the centrifuge. He straightened and turned to lean against a clean section of counter. Crossing his arms, he glared at Lauren.
“What?” She realized she’d crossed her arms, too, and stood with a hip cocked out. Defensive much? “Let’s have it.”
“You lied.”
“About what?”
“What’s missing. Those pellet things you showed me yesterday. They’re all gone.”
“Yeah. You wanna start talking?” He uncrossed his arms and moved toward Lauren. He smelled of fabric softener again, like the day before. What single guy used fabric softener?
“Are you married?” Ugh. Did she really say that?
That slowed him down, though. “What? No. I live with my brother. I told you that last night.” He took another step into her personal space. “Why did you lie?”
Instead of feeling intimidated, she found herself uncrossing her arms and putting her hands behind her to
hold on to the ledge. “How’s the cat doing?”
“Howled all night. Dylan threatened to poison it.”
“Dylan did? But he’s such an animal lover!”
“Shows you how much of a head case that cat is.” He pinned her in place with that dark stare. “Why did you lie?”
He was so close that she could feel his heat. How much closer was he going to get? When she took a  deep breath, her breasts brushed his chest. Which caused her to take another deep breath. Not
on purpose, of course. His eyes heated. She could smell coffee now. She licked her lips, and his nostrils flared. He bent his head closer. She needed to answer his question, but what should she say? If she didn’t answer, would he…what, kiss it out of her? He should work for the CIA. Or the FBI. As part of the
Threaten to Kiss Information From Witnesses Unit. -- DEADLY CHEMISTRY @teriannestanley
“He went to see a pig about a horse.”
When Mike laughed, Lauren’s heart did one of those little fluttery things she was getting used to feeling when he was around. She loved to see him laugh, she realized with a start. This wasn’t a giant gut-grabbing guffaw, but a headtilting bark of laughter. It turned his throat—and that little
shadowy area under his jaw—into somewhere she wanted to lick.
“You know what?” he said. “I actually believe you.” He stood there for a second, smiling at her. Lauren smiled back. Oh boy. She liked him. Like, liked him. If her best friend had been there, she’d have slipped her a note to pass to Mike, asking if he liked her back. Check yes or no.
Then what he had said sunk in and she said, “Wait—why wouldn’t you believe me?”
She waved the question away. “So what brings you here on a Saturday?”
“I’m on call. I got a call, so I came in to fix a leaky sink… and to check up on Dylan. And find out if you’ve heard an update from Crawford.”
Lauren hesitated a minute, then said, “I think it’s time for you to tell me your story. There’s some kind of…something swimming below the surface here.”
Mike’s gaze narrowed on her mouth. She licked her lips, but then said, “Oh, no, you’re not
going to distract me. Spill it.”
He raised an eyebrow, and she realized she’d revealed too much—that she was aware of him, of how much he appealed to her. He smirked, then chewed on his bottom lip, as though trying to decide how much to tell her. -- DEADLY CHEMISTRY @teriannestanley