Review Policy

Welcome to Escape by Fiction!!  I am currently accepting review copies. I would love to host tour stops and giveaways on my blog! I’d love to help out an author in need when I can.  I can do interviews, excerpts, guest posts and giveaways!  Please send all requests to

Review Policy:
I read because I love to and started Escape by Fiction as a way to share my opinions.  Normally I will use a summary from  If I do have any spoilers, I will put a notice beforehand.  I write about what I liked/disliked, how I felt about the characters and the overall fluidity of the story.  I include a picture of the book cover as well.  If you’d like more information listed, just let me know ahead of time (release date, publisher, page count and so on).
I will only write an honest review for the books I read.  Absolutely 100% honest.  I don’t like to give low ratings, but I will if I feel a certain story calls for it.  I do NOT take money in exchange for a review.  Some of the books I review are provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review, but are still completely honest.  I do not sugar coat bad reviews just because I got the book for free.  All reviews are 100% honest.
**Reviews by Escape by Fiction will be posted on this blog, as well as, Goodreads,  Facebook, and Twitter.  I will add reviews to Amazon and  Barnes & Noble upon request.

Review Genres:
 I will read and review almost anything you want to send me if it sounds appealing. My favorite genres are:
  • Erotic Romance (I do NOT prefer BDSM or D/s stories, but will review them occasionally)
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • New Adult Romance
  • Paranormal Teen/YA (Contemporary Teen is OK sometimes)
*If you do not see your genre listed, please contact me with information about the book an its genre and I will see. Thanks!

I will review a book that is part of a series, but I prefer to read all books in a series before doing so.  If you would like me to review a series that I have not read before, please include a copy of the previous book/books.

Book Formats:
I prefer bound prints, ARCs or galleys.  I have a Nook and prefer epub of PDF versions if a print is not available.  **I will also accept audio books when requested - I love audiobooks.  I listen to 2-4 audiobooks weekly and I welcome this format if it falls within my reading preferences.

Review Timing:
When sending a book, please try and give me a reasonable amount of time to read and complete a review.  If you’d like to give me a due date, that’s fine as it gives a goal to finish it by – just please allow enough time to do so.  I’ll try to read and review all books I receive within 30-45 days upon receiving them.  For ARCs and galleys - I will try to review them before the release date.  Please let me know if you’d like the review posted a certain # of days before release.

The way I rate:
5 out of 5 stars – Must Have
[OMG, you have to read this.  Your mother has to read this and so does everyone else you know.  I most likely laughed, cried and ripped the clothing off of my husband at some point while reading this.  I effing loved it!!]
4 out of 5 stars – Worth the Read
[I really, really liked it.  I’d definitely recommend to friends.  Probably didn’t make me cry, but I still enjoyed it immensely.]
3 out of 5 stars – OK but not amazing
[I liked it, maybe.  It was ok, the writing was easy to read and the plot was decent.  I would read more by the author.]
2 out of 5 stars – Give it away
[I read it and completed it.  It took me a while to read.  I really didn’t care for it.  I may have liked a portion of it, but not much.]
1 out of 5 stars – Not worth the time/DNF
[I hated it.  I might not have even finished it.  I probably won’t read anything by this author again.]

Content Warning:
This blog contains content that may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18. While I do read/review Teen/YA books, I normally do reviews for more adult appropriate genres.  This includes genres such as: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, and Erotic Romance. These genres, primarily Erotic Romance, usually contain strong sexual situations that are only suitable for adults (18+).