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CBLS: Paradise 21 by Aubrie Dionne excerpt tour stop!!

Aries has lived her entire life aboard mankind’s last hope, the New Dawn, a spaceship traveling toward a planet where humanity can begin anew—a planet that won’t be reached in Aries’ lifetime. As one of the last genetically desirable women in the universe, she must marry her designated genetic match and produce the next generation for this centuries-long voyage.

But Aries has other plans.

When her desperate escape from the New Dawn strands her on a desert planet, Aries discovers the rumors about pirates—humans who escaped Earth before its demise—are true. Handsome, genetically imperfect Striker possesses the freedom Aries envies, and the two connect on a level she never thought possible. But pursued by her match from above and hunted by the planet’s native inhabitants, Aries quickly learns her freedom will come at a hefty price.

The life of the man she loves.

Might as well stay here and make camp for the night.”

His casual tone stung her composure. How could he talk of such mundane things when they’d almost been captured, when she’d touched him so tenderly?

“We’ll let them get farther away,” Striker explained, reasonable as always. “We’re going in their direction tomorrow.”

The sting of rejection grew, burning a hole in her heart. “Why?”

“Why what?”
Her lips trembled. “Why not kiss me like you did before?”

“I can’t.” He shook his head, and the air cooled between them; so much so, Aries wondered if the desert had turned into deep space.

He’d teased her with such affection before, it was cruel to take it away. “I don’t understand,” she said, wishing she didn’t care, wishing she could stop all the emotions he’d started in her heart.

Aries caught a glimpse of pain etched in the wrinkles around his eyes. Striker turned away and started pulling supplies out of his backpack. “I can’t do this.”

“Do what?”

Striker shook his head and Aries prompted, “Can’t kiss me, can’t trust me? What?”

“I can’t allow myself to get tangled up with someone. Not again.”

The thoughts of Striker with another woman confused her. On the New Dawn, everyone had one lifemate and that was it. “You mean you loved someone before?”

Striker’s hand tightened on the backpack. “I trusted someone a long time ago, allowed myself to love, if you will. She hurt me so much I lost my entire life and ended up here. I can’t experience that kind of pain again.”

Aries clasped her hand over her heart. “I’m so sorry.”

He waved her apology off as if it meant nothing. “It’s a tough world, Aries. And it’s dangerous to love. If I were you, I’d keep my heart well-guarded, because you never know when it will affect your decisions, when it will make you weak.”

Aries couldn’t take his advice. Watching him talk about his past made her realize she’d already given up her heart.

He had it.

About the Author:
Aubrie is an author and flutist in New England. Her stories have appeared in Mindflights, Niteblade, Silver Blade, A Fly in Amber, and several print anthologies including Skulls and Crossbones by Minddancer Press, Rise of the Necromancers, by Pill Hill Press, Nightbird Singing in the Dead of Night by Nightbird Publishing, Dragontales and Mertales by Wyvern Publications, A Yuletide Wish by Nightwolf Publications, and Aurora Rising by Aurora Wolf Publications.  Her epic fantasy is published with Wyvern Publications, and several of her ebooks are published with Lyrical Press and Gypsy Shadow Publishing. When she’s not writing, she plays in orchestras and teaches flute at Plymouth State University and a community music school. 

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CBLS: My Blood Runs Blue - Stacy Eaton excerpt/guest blog

Stacy Eaton – Oct 28th – Escape by Fiction

Thank you for allowing me to be a guest on your blog today!  I know that you are going to post an excerpt from My Blood Runs Blue and since it is so close to Halloween, I thought I would add a guest post that goes with this time of year. 

For those who don’t know me or what I do, I am an author, but I am also a Police Officer by career. I love my job and love what I get to do. 

So let me ask this of you… When you think of a police officer what do you envision?  Many people think of them as strong, honorable, warriors and some even call us heroes.  We run into the face of horror when everyone is running away.  We face off to the worst of mankind, the rapists, the child molesters and the murders.  We help people when they are hurt and we listen to people when they want to talk. 

Some people say we show no fear. We get asked all the time, “weren’t you scared?” or “aren’t you ever afraid?”  Of course we are afraid!  We are scared to death, but that fear is what keeps us alive, what keeps us moving because our job is to serve and protect.  But there are things out there that scare us more than any crazed mass murderer… You want to know what it is?  I’ll tell you… things that creep, things that crawl and things that slither… Yep… Spiders, snakes and rodents, that’s what scares us to death!  Let me share some stories of things that have happened with my fellow officers.

Not too long ago, I stood at the station with a few of my guys. We were just chatting and I noticed a spider crawling down the wall. I casually said to “B” that he might want to move because the spider was moving his way. Do you know what he did? His eyes went huge, his mouth fell open and he screeched. Yes – like a little girl.  He then proceeded to jump about 4 feet away and climbed up on a chair so his feet were off the floor.  So after I stopped laughing, I walked over to the spider and attempted to end its existence to protect poor “B”.  I mean that is what my job is, to protect. I ended up knocking the spider down on the floor and “B” refused to put his feet on the floor until we found it and finished the job.

Then there was the time that “J” and I were hanging in the garage at shift change.  It was raining outside we stood inside and talked about what had happened the night before while he worked. I wanted to know what after math I might have to deal with once the sun came up. Anyway, as we stood there talking, I noticed something moving along the wall. It was too big to be a mouse, so it had to be a rat. I pointed it out to “J”. He walked over to where I was standing and stood slightly behind me, “where?” he asked as he stood there.  I grabbed my flashlight out of my duty belt and walked over to where it disappeared in the wall. “It went into that hole here” I said as I shined my flashlight into a small hole. I turned around and found “J” standing in the back of a pick-up truck looking white. He wouldn’t come down until I promised I would protect him. 

My partner “M” was working late one night, I had gone home an hour before. He walked into the garage to get a soda out of the machine. While he was putting the money in, he saw something run past his feet. He looked down and saw a small mouse.  Now he’s not afraid of mice, and I could just imagine his face as he smiled and thought “Awww…. He’s cute.” But as he reached to push the button on the machine, he wondered why the mouse would come so close to him, it wasn’t normal. He stood up and looked to the left, the way the mouse had just come. There coiling itself about 10 feet away was a copperhead snake. “M” decided his soda wasn’t worth it and took off out of the garage as quickly and safely as he could. 

While I love laughing at the guys I work with, this post wouldn’t be fun unless I said something that embarrassed me, so here you go. 

We had gotten a call for a suspicious condition.  The caller had said they saw someone near their barn.  So off we went to check it out.  We aren’t afraid of the dark.  We are big and bad and we carry flashlights and guns. We climbed out of our cars and we started walking around the barn. My flashlight was low on the ground, I have learned a lesson from this, and I just didn’t see it until it was happening.  As I walked through the door of the barn, I walked right into a huge spider web. We are talking gigantic, and I felt like I had been swallowed up in it mass.  

Anyone who has walked into spider web understands the feeling of that thin gossamer filament of the spider’s web. It tickles and it sticks… to EVERYTHING! So as I walk through the spider web, my first thought other than Oh SH*T was – where is the spider?   Who cared where the suspicious person was? All I wanted to know was where the spider was and how I could get all this sticky stuff off me.  My partner stood there and laughed as I frantically jumped up and down, basically freaking out trying to dust myself off and search for something crawling over me.  I had the heebie jeebies for the rest of the night and every tickle I felt, I imagined was the spider finally come out to take revenge on ruining his hard work. 

So… next time you see a police officer and you notice how professional they are, how upstanding that area to be, just remember they are human and they scream, hide and run when they are scared too!

Thank you again for allowing me to visit! 

“I’m still a cop, and my blood runs blue.”

Officer Kristin Greene has always felt that something was missing from her life. Although her job with the Fawn Hollow Township Police Department keeps her busy, she still feels like there is something else out there for her.  She soon finds herself investigating a homicide where a young woman has had her throat ripped out. As she begins to dig for the answers, she finds herself thrown into a world she didn’t know ever existed. When the two strong and silent men walk into her life, she finds herself being pulled into a love triangle that has been going on longer than she has been alive. Who are they and why do they keep calling her Calista? 
Join Kristin as she fights to learn the truth about the recent murder, the two seductive men who have entered into her life and the real truth about herself.
My Blood Runs Blue is book one of the series.  Blue Blood for Life... is the second book and was released on September 30, 2011.  My Blood Runs Blue is an adult Action/Romance Series and is intended for mature audiences.


Mr. Taylor’s nostrils flared and his mouth slacked open slightly as he looked into my eyes. “Dead, she’s dead?”

I stared at him, damn, did I forget to wipe the sign off my face that says, ‘hey man, sorry, but your daughter’s dead.’ How’d he know that? Had someone from the scene called him already?

I turned back to Mrs. Taylor and found her staring at her husband eyes wide, mouth open as if she would speak.

Wait, this was not going how it should. I cleared my head and looked back at them, Mr. Taylor had moved over to stand beside his wife and they were both looking at me now, waiting.

“Mr. & Mrs. Taylor, I am very sorry to say that your daughter Dawn is dead.” I HATED saying that sentence, but it was a sentence that was drilled into you from the moment you entered the academy. You do not say, I’m sorry your daughter was in an accident, or your daughter did not make it. Not in the first sentence. You can elaborate later, but that first sentence, has to be the one that they remember for the rest of their life. The one that tells them, this is not a sick joke, and they are not just going to wake up tomorrow and find her asleep in her bed. That sentence had to say it was real and it was final.

They both stared back me. I saw Mrs. Taylor’s lips move, and I could have sworn I heard her say, “he found us”, but I thought it was more in my imagination until I looked into Mr. Taylor’s steel grey eyes and saw them widen and look at me quickly to see if I had heard what she said. I managed to keep my face perfectly clear and thought I would mull over that statement later.


Outskirts Press, Inc. (eBook/Paperback/Hardcover):

Thanks to Stacy Eaton for stopping by and delivering such an amazing guest post!

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Sinful Sunday #40

Does this work for you?

EBF - Spooktacular Giveaway Hop 10/24 - 10/31

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Sinful Sunday #38

Sorry it's a day late - just been that kind of week....

rtb review: The One - Lora Leigh

The One The One by Lora Leigh

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

book provided by publisher via

Brenna's love for Jase has grown from a crush to a soul-searing need, a painful hunger . . . and an unrequited ache, because the savagely sexy Texan doesn't feel the same. A bequest and stipulation in his father's will have hardened Jase, it seems. Now she must endure three months of living under his roof. Three torturous, tension-filled months and Brenna will have fulfilled the stipulation; will be free to attempt to regain the heart lost to Jase so long ago.

Since the age of eighteen, Jase has protected Brenna-from himself, as much as anyone else. Living with her proves too rousing even for his iron will. He'll claim what's his, take Brenna in ways he'd previously only dreamed, sink so deeply inside her luscious body he'll never find his way out. And be damned if he'll let her go.

A scorching Texas summer can't compete with blazing lust as Brenna gives in, gives over, gives all that she is to Jase, to the only man she's every loved . . . to the one (Goodreads)

The One is a fast paced, wicked hot short read. Brenna knows the immediate future isn’t going to be the most fun, but she endures what’s coming to make sure Jase gets what she thinks he deserves. She’s been harboring feelings for just about ever and doing what needs doing is extremely hard on her. Jase is about the biggest d-bag when the story starts. He’s horrible to Brenna, but she continues on her path. The chemistry and tension is felt right off the bat with these two, and holy cow is it tense. I felt the story could have been a whole lot longer. Lora Leigh has a way of making a reader want to read on and on forever about her characters and I wanted more.

reposted with permission from RtB

review: California Caress - Rebecca Sinclair

California CaressCalifornia Caress by Rebecca Sinclair

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hope Bennett was determined to save her brother's life. And if that meant paying notorious gunslinger Drake Frazier to take his place in a fight, she'd barter her last gold nugget. But Hope soon discovered she'd have to give the handsome rattlesnake more than riches if she wanted his help. His improper demands infuriated her; even as she luxuriated in the tantalizing heat of his embrace, she refused to yield to her desires. She'd accept his terms, then find a way to escape him... somehow... (Goodreads)

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Sinful Sunday #37 (Song Seung-hun)

Song Seung-hun is one of my new favorites after watching the Korean drama My Princess.

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KLB tour: The Renfield Syndrome by J.A. Saare

Thank you for stopping by on my stop of the tour.  I would also like to thank KLB and J.A. Saare for allowing me the opportunity to take part.  I really loved this book and hope you enjoy my review!

The Renfield Syndrome (Rhiannon's Law, #2)The Renfield Syndrome by J.A. Saare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vampires, and werewolves, and demons, oh my.

Rhiannon thought facing off against a deranged child vampire was the most dangerous task she would ever have to undertake, but she’s about to discover making a deal with a demon is far, far worse. Sent forward into another reality, one in which vampires are now dominating nearly extinct humans, she realizes the sooner she returns to her vampire lover, Disco, the better.

Unfortunately, time changes a lot of things; including those most trusted around her. When she’s faced with a loss and betrayal unlike any she has ever known, her focus shifts from severing the debt between the demon that wants to kill her, to exacting a revenge that will bring forth consequences she never could have fathomed. By reaching out to the darkness lingering within her, she’ll find the strength to push forward despite the circumstances that would see her dead and buried.

After all, when it’s all said and done, all that she has left to lose is her soul.

So I started this book exactly 10 seconds after finishing the first installment of Rhiannon’s Story (seriously, read it if you haven’t – it’s fracking amazing) and I was not disappointed! It’s hard to write a review and not give spoilers on a book that I liked so much.

The Renfield Syndrome is a rollercoaster of emotions, action and wicked hot passion. Rhiannon is awesome. I love her tenacity, her drive and her gumption. She handles the situation extremely well and sets out to try and make the world a better place. I also love that she's all kick ass and take names later. As for Paine, I have to wonder – does he feel like he does because he can’t see her death or does he really love her for who she is? Disco is not my favorite character in the story this time. He doesn’t give Rhi a chance to explain anything and really hurts her in the worse way possible.

The writing is easy to read, flows well and had little to no grammatical errors. The passion and excitement are definitely felt by the reader while reading. I applaud Rhiannon for not running away and holding her own. I think this is an excellent story, as well as series. I’m waiting, very impatiently BTW, for the next in the series and am sure it will be just as good if not the best!

Thank you for stopping by! Visit the next stop tomorrow at:
Reviews by Molly Review

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CBSL: Up a Dry Creek by Avery Flynn & Giveaway!!

Welcome to the CBSL tour stop for
Up a Dry Creek by Avery Flynn 
Review & Giveaway!!

UP A DRY CREEK (Dry Creek #1)UP A DRY CREEK by Avery Flynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dry Creek has been home to the Layton family for generations, a heritage Claire Layton and her brothers Hank, Chris and Sam all appreciate. Claire is a successful, though somewhat debt-ridden, restaurateur who minds her own business—literally. She has enough on her plate between an irascible chef, an abandoned sous-chef, and the pressure of running her highly praised eatery, Harvest Bistro. But when she discovers one of her customers dead in her dumpster, her world begins to unravel.

Even as her County Sheriff brother Hank and his team are still swarming the property looking for evidence, Claire receives a threatening call. It seems there’s a slight problem involving the dead young woman in the dumpster. She doesn’t have her phone and her flash drive with her. The killer makes it clear that Claire better find them by noon the next day or he’ll go after her and her entire family.

With the clock ticking, Claire searches for the missing items to no avail. Complicating matters is the arrival of Jake Warrick, a hotshot security expert hired by the dead woman’s father to find her killer. Claire’s trying her best to get Jake out of her restaurant when her Jeep goes up in flames. The noon deadline has passed.

Determined to find the killer and to keep her family safe, Claire refuses to back down, even as the murderer continues to terrorize her. Jake isn’t backing down either, and the tension between the two—sexual and otherwise—continues to mount. Jake has no intention of leaving Claire in danger—or of leaving at all before he gets to know her much, much better.

Clues, most leading nowhere, pile up, and the threads of the mystery are becoming still more complicated, even as the killer comes closer and closer to claiming his prize—and his prey. (Goodreads)

Up a Dry Creek is an edge of your seat, breath-holding, romantic mystery. The entire time it has you wondering, where is that damn phone? Claire and Jake are easily both characters to fall for. Claire goes through so much in the story, it’s amazing she holds herself together so well. I feel that she’s a strong woman, emotionally and I appreciate that in a female character. Jake at first in out only to get the information he needs and was prepared to do almost anything to get it. He didn’t expect falling in love, but then again who does?

The mystery/danger element of the story works well, but I feel Claire could have been more shook-up or outwardly afraid. The chemistry and attraction Jake and Claire feel for each other right off the bat is believable and wicked hot. The relationship with Claire’s brothers was enjoyable and humorous at times. The baddie in the story was definitely bad and his character was written well. The writing is easy to read, contains little to no grammatical or spelling errors and is very enjoyable to read. Overall, I greatly enjoyed this story and would definitely read this author again in the future.

How do you win?       How do you win?

One lucky commenter will win a digital copy of Up a Dry Creek. Must be a follower to enter. Make sure you leave your email address or contact link with your comment! Winners will be picked and notified at the end of the tour.

Don't forget to follow along the book tour for more chances to win - be sure to check out the next tour stop for the Up a Dry Creek tour, which is Theresa Stillwagon!

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Last day for EBF 100+ followers GIVEAWAY!!!

Today is the last day for my 
100+ EBF followers Giveaway!!!

Leave a comment by midnight to be entered in the drawing!!!

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Sinful Sunday #36 - Ryan Gosling

He does looked photoshopped, doesn't he?  This movie was great BTW!!

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noc review: Blood Knot - Tracy Cooper-Posey

Blood KnotBlood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Check out my review at:

noc review: Bet Me - Katie Blu

Bet MeBet Me by Katie Blu

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Check out my review at: 

noc review: What a Goddess Wants - Stephanie Julian

What a Goddess Wants (Forgotten Goddesses, #1)What a Goddess Wants by Stephanie Julian

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Check out my review at: 

noc review: Intimate Friends - Claire Matthews

Intimate FriendsIntimate Friends by Claire Matthews

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Check out my review at:

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3 more days for my 100+ EBF followers Giveaway!!!

Only 3 more days for my 
100+ EBF followers Giveaway!!!

Follow Friday 9/16/2011

Q. It's that pesky magic book fairy again! She has another wish: What imaginary book world would you like to make a reality?

OK, so Hogwarts and Harry Potter are the #1 choice, but who wouldn't want to down some butter beer and go to a Quidditch match? I think my second choice would have to be....the Warriors of Poseidon world by Alyssa Day...or the Atlantis series by Gena Showalter. Wouldn't Atlantis be awesome?

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Author Introduction: Jason McIntyre - Bled

Jason McIntyre
Author of the bestsellers: ON THE GATHERING STORM and SHED
Plus the #1 Kindle Suspense: THE NIGHT WALK MEN

She only wanted to leave. But he took that option from her. Now she wants it back.

Set on the same island as the reader favorite Shed, the latest literary suspense novella from bestselling author Jason McIntyre picks up the Dovetail Cove saga with this story of one lonely woman...trapped.

Tina McLeod is on the cusp of a new life. Extraordinary change is rare in her world but this newsflash means she can finally leave her small island town for good. No more pouring coffee for townsfolk in Main Street’s greasy spoon, no more living under the weight of her born-again mother. That is, until Frank Moort comes in for his usual lunch and dessert on an ordinary Friday in May.

Bled sees things turn backwards and upside down for each of them. Their encounter is prolonged and grotesque, the sort of thing splashing the covers of big city newspapers. Both are changed. And neither will come out clean on the other side.

A story about taking what’s not yours, Bled explores pushing back when you’ve been pushed too far. It paints in red the horrors from our most commonplace of surroundings: right out in the open where nothing can hide behind closed doors and shut mouths.

About the Author

Jason McIntyre has lived and worked in varied places across the globe. His writing also meanders from the pastoral to the garish, from the fantastical to the morbid. Vibrant characters and vivid surroundings stay with him and coalesce into novels and stories. Before his time as an editor, writer and communications professional, he spent several years as a graphic designer and commercial artist.

McIntyre's writing has been called darkly noir and sophisticated, styled after the likes of Chuck Palahniuk but with the pacing and mass appeal of Stephen King. The books tackle the family life subject matter of Jonathan Franzen but also eerie discoveries one might find in a Ray Bradbury story or those of Rod Serling.

Jason McIntyre’s books include the #1 Kindle Suspense, The Night Walk Men, Bestsellers On The Gathering Storm and Shed, plus the multi-layered coming-of-age literary suspense Thalo Blue.

To purchase Bled, or any of Jason McIntyre's books, visit Amazon and enjoy!!

Bleeding on the page: 
An introduction to the new book ‘Bled’

I started writing the untitled short story which became Bled for an upcoming anthology called Nights Gone By. When I passed 10,000 words on it, I realized I had something way bigger and more involved than a short. I also realized that some of the characters from a previous novella called Shed had crept into the cafe where the main character works in this book. Uh oh, I thought. This means we've started a series!

And, sure enough, as the word count grew, I saw how things needed to evolve on the island where these two stories take place. And, I saw more stories beginning to form. Bled will not be the last book, novella or short tale to take place in the same universe as Shed.

There are more to come.

As for Teeny McLeod, her mom and the patrons of the Highliner Cafe, I'll be honest when I say it all occurred to me when I was sitting at a cafe inside a big box store near where I grew up. Since memories of where I grew up mingle freely with the world of Dovetail Cove and Shed, the two worlds became mentally entwined.

I recognized the sixty-something waitress from when I was a kid and used to visit the same cafe with my grandparents. They would get their sixty-cent coffees and I would get a slice of pie and ice cream. Here was this waitress, all these years later, still pouring the coffee, still bringing out the dessert. I wondered what her life would have been like if, say, one thing had gone differently a long time ago.

I began on Bled, still without a title at that point, only an image of this waitress as a young woman. What might the world have looked like for her, I wondered. And away I went.

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100+ Escape by Fiction Followers Giveaway!!!

Welcome to my 100+ Escape by Fiction followers Giveaway!!!

I've really enjoyed being a part of the blogging community for the last so many months and since I've hit a milestone I'm proud of, I thought I'd share some great books with you!!

Contemporary Romance:
Lori Foster - Never Too Much (Brava Brother #2)
Lori Foster - Too Much Temptation (Brava Brothers #1)
LuAnne McLane - He's No Prince Charming
Mariah Stewart - Amost Home

Erotic Romance:
Lora Leigh - Wicked Pleasure
Bella Andre - Red Hot Reunion
Mary Janice Davidson - Doing It Right

Paranormal Romance:
Christine Feehan - Savage Nature
Larissa Ione - Passion Unleashed
Katie MacAlister - The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons
Jill Myles - Gentlemen Prefer Succubi

Urban Fantasy:
Lucy M. Snyder - Spellbent
D.D. Barant - Death Blows
Charlaine Harris - Dead Until Dark
Dakota Banks - Dark Time (Mortal Path: Book 1)

Teen/YA Contemporary:
Jodi Lynn Anderson - Peaches
Susane Colasnati - When It Happens
Robin Palmer - Geek Charming
Megan Kelley Hall - Sisters of Misery

Teen/YA Paranormal:
Claudia Gray - Hourglass
Celia Rees - Savoy
Marlene Perez - Dead is the New Black
Heather Brewer - Ninth Grade Slays

How do you win?  How do you win?

Must be a follower to enter.  Fill out the form below and answer the following question - What Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy series is a must read for lovers of either genre?  Giveaway ends 9/19/2011 at midnight and winners will be picked and notified at the end next week :)

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noc review: Chasing Paradise - Sondrae Bennett

Chasing Paradise (Alpine Woods Shifters, #2)Chasing Paradise 
by Sondrae Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Check out my review at:

noc review: The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten - Harrison Geillor

The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten 
by Harrison Geillor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Check out my review at:

Winner!!! of Ain't No Bull by Danica Avet

On 9/2/2011 I had a stop on Danica Avet's book tour for her newest story: Ain't No Bull.  One lucky commenter was able to receive a digital copy of Ain't No Bull.

Congratulations to:

Sinful Sunday #36

Happy Sinful Sunday!!!


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Top 5 Sundays: Fave Book Boyfriends! Part II

The theme for today is:
Fave Book Boyfriends! Part II

Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments)

Adiran Ivashkov (Vampire Academy)

Jericho Barrons (Fever)

Marc Ramos (Shifters)

Bones (Night Huntress)

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Book Blogger Hop 9/8/2011

“Many of us primarily read one genre of books, with others sprinkled in. If authors stopped writing that genre, what genre would you start reading? Or would you give up reading completely if you couldn’t read that genre anymore?”

Hard to say. I don't think I'd give up, I'd be super ass sad though. I really, really love Paranormal Romance, it's what got me really back into reading. I think if it all went away, I'd have to double up on erotica, menage and cowboy romances (especially erotic cowboy menage romances).

Follow Friday 9/8/2011

Q. Have you ever wanted a villain to win at the end of a story? If so, which one?

Hmmm, I think maybe Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights (I know I used that book for last week's post, honestly I'm not obsessed with the book, but I really can't think of another example at the moment).  That's my only bad guy who I wanted to win. All the bad guys int he books I read now are really, really bad and I usually cheer for the hero/heroine when they defeat the baddie. Now if it were a case of the "other guy" - I'd have to say I really wanted Jacob to win Bella's love in New Moon. Sorry Team Edwarders, that's just how I feel.