Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In the Arms of Stone Angels - Jordan Dane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two years ago, Brenna saw something that totally changed her life and the lives of everyone she loved. She made an assumption and we all know how those turn out. She and her mother were basically run out of town and her best friend was accused of murder.

Brenna and her mother return to the unfriendly town to fix up her recently deceased grandmother house. Brenna wants to mind her own business, but the holy terrors of the town aren't going to let her - they want to let her know she's not welcome and they go through some extreme measures to prove it.

Brenna decides she wants to see White Bird, the best friend and first love she accused of murder, and learns he's in a mental facility - catatonic. After much thought, not to mention the 2 years that have passed, Brenna feels she must prove White Bird's innocence. BTW - Brenna can see ghosts.

Brenna befriends a local Indian Chief and Policeman in the search to free White Bird from the charges brought against him. White Bird visits in her dreams, some experiences some form of astral projection and live through a few attacks from the baddies. She figures out who the murderer is, frees White Bird from trapped inside his vision quest and HEA.

I thought this was a great story and I noticed a few after school special moments in it. Drugs are bad, dark skin doesn't equal deviant, bullies are dumb, stalking is crazy and speak up for what you believe in. Brenna thought if she said nothing, it wouldn't be that bad. I learn about some Indian culture and a bit about grave yards - as Brenna liked to wander in them at night.

The mystery element to the story was great, you really don't know "who done it" until the revelation scene. It was great. I really didn't get White bird's importance to Brenna until midway through the book; I think it should have been stressed or explained better in the beginning.

I think the bullies were portrayed perfectly. Kids are mean and no one wants to believe it, but they are. They banned together to make the police and her mother believe she got drunk and left a party, that her mother basically forced her to, with bikers - when they actually poured liqueur on her and down her mouth, stripped her, beat her, shaved part of her head and tossed her in the middle of nowhere.

Great story, lots of lessons learned and good storyline as well!!


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