Thursday, March 3, 2011

Indigo Court #1 - Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Cicley heads back to her home town after hearing from the wind that there was trouble coming for her family. She arrives too late and her grandmother has been killed and her aunt has been taken, by the Indigo Court - a vampiric fae race.

Myst, the queen of the Indigo Court, has taken over town and magic born and muggles are disappearing left and right. Cicely makes a deal with the vampires in exchange for their help for finding her abducted friends and family.

Cicely met Grieve when she was young and wants to reconnect with him. Too bad he's part of the Indigo Court now, one of the bad guys. But there's more to their relationship than meets the eye, they're lovers form past lives destined to find each other again and they have. Is it too late?

Cicely and her scooby gang make their way into the Indigo Court to rescue the abducted people. Grieve is struck with the illness set upon the Indigo Court by the regular vampires via a poison one of the vampires planted on Cicely - knowing she'd infect Grieve with it. They leave him behind, save a girl and a Fae and kind of, but not really HEA.

Ok - lots of issues with this book. It starts off with a big deal about Cicely inheriting the gram's business, but never really goes anywhere with it besides the books that the gram owned. People in town being bigots was an issues at first, but never really went anywhere with it. The danger of the vampires in town, again - never really went anywhere with it. Is this a world where everyone knows about magic, fae, vampires and shifters - or only this town? I think if only one or two danger elements had been used, it may have flowed better.

I didn't really feel the connection between Cicely and Grieve - their sex scene was hot, but I couldn't feel the love. I liked most of the characters, but I really thought Grieve was a tool. I actually liked Lannan more. I thought it was too wordy on the descriptions and I really didn't like the tone/language of the dialect. This was a really low 3 for me, only because some of the sex scenes were saucy. I dunno right now if I'd continue with this or not...


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