Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snowbound - Larissa Ione

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Robyn has had the trip to her hometown planned, booked and paid for for months now. Her ex-boyfriend/boss/tv celebrity was supposed accompany to emcee at a charity event she'd organized, but he backed out last minute. She ended up taking a friend with her and going anyway, after all the charity event was related to her high school reunion. While in the bar of the ski lodge they were staying at, she bumps into a gorgeous hunk of ski-patrolman, the kind of man she'd always fantasized about when she was younger.

Sean, an olympic medalist now ski-patrolman/EMT, was used to snow bunnies flocking to him like white on rice. After and accident and medical issues, he's been celibate for two years. He hasn't found anyone who tickles his fancy - until he bumps into Robyn.

Robyn has no idea who Sean is, she thinks he's just another patrolman and that's just what she's looking for - a regular guy. Unfortunately, he's not and he's not going to let her know about it. He's won Olympic medals and is in the works to start a job as a sports anchor at the big ski event coming up at the lodge. The d-bag ex is the guy hiring.

Sean and Robyn go out and are explosive together, in the dark, and then she finds out the truth about his possible future. Not good. After some yelling and bouts of mad, she agrees to see him again after going skiing with her friend. Her friend wants to take the more perilous ski trail and she follows. The weather turns dangerous to were she can't see the trail anymore. She gets lost...but not really. She grew up here and she knows of a nearby cabin.

Sean is worried when Robyn's friend returns, but no sign of Robyn. He's goes out in the dangerous weather to find her and does. They make up and he tells her why he's been funny about her touching him and only do it in the dark. They're rescued, some decisions are made and....HEA.

Cute story that could no doubt be turned into a equally cute chick flick.

Robyn was tormented as a kid for being overweight and awkward. She wanted to show-up her classmates by palling a great charity event and attending her reunion with a hot date. that was her goal the entire book. She wasn't looking for anything more, but she found it anyways. I didn't really like her much as a person, she was just using Sean and he was actually a really nice guy.

Sean was looking for the one - he didn't want one-nighters with snow bunnies anymore and he wanted to get over his aversion to intimacy. He was a great, hot, insecure guy and I dug that. Due to endorsements and other ski related accomplishments, he didn't have to work at all, but he did - doing what he loves: helping people. That's cool.

They were hot together but she was really harsh on him. She treated him liked dirt when he treated he like gold. I had problems with that. I was satisfied with the ending and totally think another book about Sean's friend would be cool.


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