Friday, April 29, 2011

Books I got - 4/29/2011

Sam's Creed - Sarah McCarthy
Where the Kissing Never Stops - Ron Koertge

Used Bookstores and/or Friends of the Library in Columbus, GA
Bones Gods - Caitlin Kittridge
The Immortal Hunter - Lynsay Sands
Soul of a Highlander - Melissa Mayhue
Fringe Benefits - Valerie Frankel
Tall, Dark and Dangerous - Suzanne Brockmann
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding - Various
Real Vampires Have More Love - Gerry Bartlett

Barnes & Noble
Taste Me - Tamara Hogan
Fever Hot Dreams - Various
Bedding Down - Rachel Kramer Bussel
Heat of the Night - Sylvia Day
Pleasures of the Night - Sylvia Day


  1. You got some awesome books! I really want to read the Real Vampires Have more Love! =)

  2. Thanks! I was happy to find some that fill in the missing books from the series' I'm collecting before I read them - now I can start on a few of them:)