Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friendly Fire - Megan Hart

Friendly FireFriendly Fire by Megan Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After an on-going undercover operation went wrong, several DEA agents are sent to a remote island for down time and therapy. Kendall’s partner was killed during the operation and she’s not sure how to handle the situation. Zane was undercover and shot Kendall’s partner by accident. When some fluke puts them in connecting rooms, tension heats up between the pair. They fight against their attraction for each other at the same time trying to work past the inner conflicts they both seem to be struggling with.

Great short story. Megan Hart has a way of making all of her stories romantic and sexy, but at the same so realistic. Kendall was conflicted because she didn’t think she should be having the kind of feeling she did for the man who killed her partner – at the same time, she’s angry with her partner for being an ass and not listening to her. She knows it wasn’t Zane’s fault, doesn’t blame him, but then she doesn’t trust her feeling for him either. Zane felt guilty over what happened, but he was also at a point in his life where he was ready to settle down – and thought Kendall was the woman to do that with.

I liked the characters a lot – they were down to earth, realistic and intelligent. The chemistry between the two of them was knock-your-socks-off hot and I was a little sad my husband was in a different state when I read this, if you catch my drift. I think more stories along this line would be great, Megan Hart has a way with words that make them feel so real.


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