Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Angel Theif (Out of the Bottle #2) - Jenny Schwartz

Angel Thief (Out of the Bottle, #2)Angel Thief by Jenny Schwartz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Sara’s an archivist angel in heaven and has possibly found the cure for a dying little boy in the library of an Australian drug lord. While sneaking into his library, so she could copy the book and return it like it was never gone, she was caught by Filip – the drug lord’s djini who’s bound to the grounds by a wish. Being compelled by his master’s wish to turn over intruders, he’s not above indulging in the feelings Sara has awakened within him.

Sara’s never felt what she feels when she’s near Filip. On a mission to save the drug lord’s daughter, per a wish, Filip and Sara both struggle against their passion or each other and their personal fears. Once those are overcome, they save the day and HEA.

Such a great story. I like the world the author had created very much. Sara was an innocent, naive, sweet character. Filip was convinced anything pertaining to the future was futile – he’d given up any hope of being free or on love. I thought the chemistry between the two was amazing. The complication of the little boy dying of a bone infection was heart retching and caused tears. Yes, tears. Easy to follow, enthralling story and sizzling chemistry.

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