Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Three Wishes (Out of the Bottle #3) - Jenny Schwartz

Three Wishes (Out of the Bottle, #3)Three Wishes by Jenny Schwartz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

David has been given a gift from a warlord. The gift is a bottle and in the bottle is Cali, a dijini, also known as The Bringer of Death. Every man who has ever been her master has died as a result of their wishes. Andrew is David’s guardian angel. Even though David’s an arms dealer, Andrew still believes David is worth saving and can’t turn his life around for the better. 

When a woman from David’s past shows up out of nowhere, Cali is thrown off her game and has to halt her attempts on David’s life so she doesn’t hurt an innocent. Throughout the story, Andrew and Cali fight an amazing attraction to each other but that doesn’t last long.

I really enjoyed this story. I thought Andrew was awesome and having gotten to know him a little from the previous books, this chance to get to know him intimately was great. Cali was hell-bent on revenge and almost blinded to all the good around her. The side story was very emotional was well. Andrew and Cali had combustible chemistry going on and I could feel their connection. Excellent story, a unique play on the paranormal romance world - I love angels and dijinis.


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