Monday, May 2, 2011

Road Signs - M.J. Fredrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Willow starts out the story by going home with her current boyfriend for Thanksgiving weekend to see his family. By the end of the first day, she knows she made a mistake when she realizes the guy she’s with is a control freak. Stranded in Wisconson, she calls her best friend since third grade, Cameron, to pick her up.

Cam would do anything for Willow, he’s loved her since high school. He agrees to pick her up, even though he’d just sold his car to be more green, and ends up ‘borrowing’ his brother’s car. He also loves her so much, he needs to get away from her so he can move on. He’s got a job interview in Seattle that he needs to get to, but he puts his travels arrangements on hold for Willow, and no one knows about it except for his brother.

After picking Will up, she convinces Cam to drive to his sister’s house for the holiday, where all of his family is and with whom she’s spent the holiday with since she was a kid. Along the way a dog eats all of her clothing, Cam almost gets arrested and the tension between the two is tight.

Thanksgiving happens, everyone finds out about the job in Seattle and Cam’s ticket for the train he was going to take gets messed up. When he’s about to give up on his dream job, Willow convinces him that they should drive from Wisconsin to Seattle. This time, even more crazy things happen – crazy boyfriend leaves some disturbing messages, the car breaks down, they almost run out of money, they stay in some nasty motels, they win a karaoke contest, crazy boyfriend break into her apt and trashes the place and steals her financial info (cancelling credit cards and withdrawing all of her money) and Willow and Cameron finally realize their feeling for each other.

Cam gets the job and asks Willow to move with him. She can’t give up that control and freaks out and runs back home. She has issues with her own mother that has jaded her perception on love. Willow realizes she’s made another mistake by letting Cam go and goes to him to make amends and HEA.

OK – long summary for a short story, but so much happened. I really enjoyed this story, a lot. It had humor, drama and some wicked hot lovin’. Willow’s issues with her mother’s past and present almost cost her the love of her life, but after some self reflection, she gets past them. The sexual tension between the two of them was fierce and so thick you needed a chainsaw to cut through it. Cam was a great guy; I really wished I had the kind of relationship the two of them had even before the sex was mixed in. I thought the writing was easy to read and flowed well.

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  1. Gack!! Too many books... not enough time! Added to my TBR....

    I am glad you liked this story.