Monday, June 27, 2011

review: Cat's Tale: A Fairy Tale Retold - Bettie Sharpe

Cat's Tale: A Fairy Tale RetoldCat's Tale: A Fairy Tale Retold by Bettie Sharpe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lady Catriona knows what she wants and knows how to connive her way to get it. Shortly after becoming the King’s consort(wife), her future is unsure as the king dies before he can crown her queen. Cat happens upon some seedy information regarding the king’s wizard and he turns her into a real cat and tries to drown her so she can’t tell anyone what she’s discovered. Cat survives and convinces Julian to help her bring down the evil wizard. 

During their adventure, Cat comes to genuinely care for Julian and isn’t sure he’ll still want to be with the “Lady Catriona” after she’s turned back into a human.

I like this retelling of Puss in Boots. It’s humorous, easy to read and wicked hot! Cat is a selfish, lying, manipulator. I have a hard time liking her or caring if she lives at the beginning of the story. Julian in sweet and na├»ve; he’s so enamored with the idea of Lady Catriona that when Cat finally sees herself through his eyes, she doesn’t like what she sees. Cat’s character grows a lot in the story and so does Julian. The chemistry and affection Cat and Julian feel for each other is sweet and passionate. I look forward to more fairytale retellings from Bettie Sharpe.

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  1. I'm glad you liked Cat's Tale. Thank you so much for reviewing! :)