Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: Piper's Fury - Rachel Firasek

Piper's Fury (A Passion of the Soul novel)Piper's Fury by Rachel Firasek

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Piper uses her gift to help the local police department, where her friend Tally works, find missing persons and killers. She sees into a person’s soul when she touches them, that said – she doesn’t get out much (and not because the men aren’t interested – they really, really are). That all changes when she meets Bennett Slade, whom she can’t read and whom she feels a spark of ‘something’ for. Piper isn’t used to these new feeling and she doesn’t like it. Slade wants Piper to help find his daughter, who’s been missing since his wife was murdered five years ago. 

Since meeting Slade, Piper’s gifts have started to change. While working on a case with the Dark Hill PD, Piper discovers the truth about the missing people and who (more like what) is behind it all. As Piper juggles the police case and trying to find Slade’s daughter, Evalyn, she and Slade become closer and her gifts continue to manifest. Piper also learns more about her mother’s murder and what Mabel’s been hiding from her all this time.

Coming to head with some difficult truths, Piper gets drawn into a world she never would have imagined existed. Her strengths and beliefs are tested, along with her trust and loyalty.

Piper’s Fury is a wicked awesome, action packed, lust filled adventure. I absolutely loved this story. Piper’s character is content with her life and it doesn’t dawn on her that she’s lonely until she meets Slade. She’s feeling all these things she’s never felt before and it kind of makes her erratic and irritable. Slade seems slightly stuck-up at when we first meet him, but he relaxes a bit and we see a softer side to him eventually.

The action/danger element to this story was enthralling and I couldn’t get enough. The writing was fluid and easy to read with only a few editing errors. I loved just about everything about this story and had it drawn tears, it definitely would have gotten a 5. I’m looking forward to the next in the series ~ Great job Rachel!!!

My favorite quote was: “Your friend, Tally – is she capable of turning you into a woman?” I gaped at him. “I am a woman, thank you very much.”


  1. Ah, I'm so glad you liked it. Sorry, I couldn't make you cry, but I'll try harder next time. lol. You rock.

  2. Good review - have added to the TBR list!!

  3. Yep...I'll definitely be checking this one out. Thank for the rec!