Wednesday, August 24, 2011

rtb review: Chase and Seduction - Randi Alexander

Chase & Seduction (Cowboy Kink)Chase & Seduction by Randi Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Country music superstar/actor Chase Tanner has yet to be denied anything-and he's never wanted anything or anyone more than gorgeous screenplay writer Reno Linden. So when the film they are working on is finally finished, Chase decides to turn up the volume on seducing Reno.

Reno Linden lived a quiet, rural life until she was thrust into the Hollywood scene when her book was adapted to film. Chase Tanner is larger than life, sinfully sexy and hell-bent on getting her into bed. Skittish after a failed engagement, Reno risks the plunge into Chase's arms, and is surprised that her good girl self can keep up with bad boy Chase.

Though Chase returns to his cowboy roots often, and Reno cherishes the time spent with him on his ranch, the two find their careers pulling them in different directions. Will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fame? (Goodreads)

Chase and Seduction is a hot, steamy read. Reno is quiet, reserved and has wanted Chase from the day they met. I like her character, but I get frustrated when she won’t allow herself to see the potential relationship right in front of her face. Chase – known for being a player - is passionate, wicked hot and so far fallen he can’t control himself. He knew the day he met Reno that she was something special and hadn’t been with a woman since. I like his determination and drive. He’s definitely someone I think would be easy to fall for.

I didn’t agree with Reno when she went to Europe. I feel she signed up as a way to run away from her issues and went to not have to face what was going on between the two of them. I also didn’t think she should have kept such a big secret form Chase. I kind of hated Chase in the dressing room scene, but he wasn’t a d-bag for too long. Both characters matured and worked through their major issues well in this story.

The story was well written, with only a few typos and wording issues. I think the author did a great job. Reno and Chase’s chemistry is insane and the sexual tension before they seal the deal is tense. I liked the dialogue and the descriptions weren’t overly wordy. Chase and Seduction hooked me the moment I opened it and didn’t disappoint!

Favorite Quote:
He grinned. “You came to save me?”
“Yeah. No. I’m…” Scared? Horny? Jumpy? Tempted?
“Yes!” What a relief. He understood her. Evidently, during all the talks they’d shared, he’d been listening to her.


  1. Thank you for the insightful review of Chase and Seduction. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

  2. I loved it - and the characters needed to do what they did to make the story work. I thought it was great!!