Friday, September 2, 2011

CBSL - Ain't No Bull - Danica Avet Book Tour - review & Giveaway!!

Ain’t No Bull (The Veil #4) by Danica Avet
July 2011 – Siren Publishing
Paranormal Erotic Romance
4 stars out of 5

Summary:  Isola “Izzy” Malone is proud to be an Amazon. After years of roaming, she finally finds a home with the Blood Maiden Tribe. But contentment made her wild which is how Izzy ends up exiled to Middle-of-Nowhere, Wyoming. The most fun she can look forward to is rescuing a dumb bull from a group of nymphs. Only he isn’t a bull, but a minotaur. A really hot, sexy, big minotaur.

Grant Strickland isn’t ready to commit to a harem of placid cow-swans; not yet. But when he’s accosted by a crazy Amazon who’s determined to “save” him, he thinks the whole mating thing might be worth a try. Trouble follows Izzy, but it’ll take both of them to stop it from becoming war. Grant will use his skills, and cheat, to show Izzy where she really belongs is with him as her mate.  (summary from Goodreads)

Review:  Ain’t No Bull is a hilarious, action packed, smexy read.  I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything or behind somehow.  The story is fast paced, easy to read and full of fun hot lovin’.

I really like Izzy, but I think she’s super juvenile and slightly immature.  She doesn’t grasp the concept of why she’s been sent away to begin with, let alone know how to work to rectify her situation.  She also seems to not take anything really seriously.  Grant is a cool guy.  He starts out the story as someone who I really despise and ends up being someone I absolutely liked.  He doesn’t want to conform to the norm for minotaurs and he’s a sweetheart.  I also think he’s a big momma’s boy.  My only problem with Grant is when he ran away, or let his cousin drag him out of the house – he’s a bit of a pushover at times.

As far as the action/danger elements are concerned, I enjoyed it but I don’t think it perilous enough to be that worrisome.  I genuinely enjoyed the humor interlaced throughout the witty banter and the comical situations.  For me, those parts make the book great.  I also think the author’s use of not so popular paranormal beings is neat – minotaurs, bears, amazons, incubus and faeries are just plain cool. What kind of mythical/paranormal should be written about more often?  The chemistry between Izzy and Grant is wicked hot.  The supporting characters are also a giant plus to the story – I can’t wait for I think I know who the next story is for.   

How do you win?  How do you win?

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  1. I think that there should be more stories about elves and sprites. I have read many books where these mystical characters are in the periphery of what is taking place in a story; but, not a story where they are the hero or heroine.

    Happy Reading & Blogging,

  2. Thank you for the great review!

    I love books involving different paranormal creatures, the ones not as popular as vampires and werewolves.

    Bona Fide - Elves and sprites, huh? *goes off to plot*

  3. I think I would like to see more creatures like unicorns and dragons but I don't know how you would work those in. Maybe griffins, pixies, dryads or a leprechaun.
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  4. I'm taking notes here...unicorns dragons, griffins, pixies, dryads... ;)

  5. I love Eileen Wilks series because she gives us dragons, but a unicorn shifter would be new for me, and fun to read about.

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    cathy m
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  6. I'll try not to let the surprise out of the bag, but y'all might want to try out Thea Harrison's Elder Race series *cackles* Good, good stuff with lots of things y'all have mentioned here.

  7. I've read Thea Harrison's Elder Race series and I LOVE IT!!!

  8. I'm still fairly new to reading paranormal so I'm going to be boring and say more werewolves!! :-)


  9. I love paranormal my favorites are vampires and werewolves I never get sick of reading about them :)Thanks for the giveaway I would love to read this book! Im a GFC follower/latishajean