Tuesday, July 16, 2013

review: Super Bad by Vivi Andrews

Super Bad (Superlovin', #2)Super Bad by Vivi Andrews
3 of 5 stars
DRC provided by NetGalley

When your mind is a prison, love can set you free.

Ever since her supervillain father experimented on her as a child, Mirabelle “Mirage” Wroth has been able to project unbreakable illusions into the minds of those around her. But when a run-in with an evil Mind Bender snaps a delicate thread in her psyche, she loses control of her gift and can no longer tell where reality ends and illusion begins. Only sanctimonious superhero Captain Justice is immune to her gift and can help her find the truth again — if Mirage can trust another man to define her reality.

Justice is sick of saving damsels in distress – he just wants someone to look beyond the cape to see him — but he can’t turn away from the hauntingly vulnerable Mirage. Suddenly Justice is helping her hide from the police, willing to be downright villainous to be her hero. But as they work to save Mirage from herself, other forces are circling to threaten them both. Tangled in illusions and mind games, can love be real? (thanks Goodreads for the summary)

My Thoughts -
This was a different kind of story for me and I wasn't sure at first, but I thought it was great. It was quick, sexy and easy to read/follow. I was happy to not be lost in this 2nd book of the series.

Mirabelle was broken and wasn't sure if she could be put back together. She'd been mind controlled almost all of her life and could only rely on her brother for clarity and stability. She was betwixt - didn't want to be a hero but also wasn't really a baddie. Justice was a burnt out hero who had just been dumped and wanted to be alone. He'd been the hero for so long and wanted to be loved for being himself.

They have almost and instant connection. He doesn't want to help her, her being a villain and all, but the moment he sees her - he's hers. I like how their powers almost counteract one another's abilities - like he can see through her crap and she can't easily be controlled by him. I liked it - a lot. I want the next one:)


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