Friday, November 29, 2013

review: Naked Sushi by Jina Bacarr

Naked Sushi
Naked Sushi by Jina Bacarr

My rating: 3/5
DRC provided by NetGalley for an honest review
Published: 10.15.2013
Genre: Red-Hot Contemporary Romance

Summary –
From Jina Bacarr comes a sexy and provocative new release from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin.

One day I'm getting canned from my job as a computer programmer for having wild copy-room sex with a guy I thought was the new game designer. The next, I'm crashing my ex-boss's business lunch in a creative attempt to get my job back and men are eating sushi off my naked body!

That's when I realize:
a) My ex-boss is a hiding corporate secrets
b) Hot copy-room guy is an undercover FBI agent
c) I would make a kick-ass spy!

Then Special Agent Hottie brings out his cuffs, and things get really interesting… (Thanks to for the summary)

My Thoughts –
Is the title a good/bad choice for the story? Not at all – after all , there is naked and there is sushi
List the top 2 characters and 1 word to describe them each. Pepper – ballsy, Steve - suave
Give the book an alternate ending…or were you happy with it? I think it worked out fine
Did you cry, laugh, sigh, cringe, fume or feel nothing? I laughed, that’s for sure

I thought this novella was hilarious. Steve and Pepper’s relationship from the get-go is hot, steamy and comical. Hunting down the ex-boss and confronting him while naked and covered in sushi – laugh out loud funny. Sexy time in a dressing room, yes please!! I think the two of them are awesome together, no matter how awkward and clumsy they are. The writing was ok and didn’t line up in a few spots – other than that, it was easy to read and I flew through it.  More form this pair would be great!!


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