Sunday, November 2, 2014

review: Can’t Shake You by Molly McLain

Can’t Shake You by Molly McLain

My rating:  4/5
Series: River Bend #1
DRC provided by NetGalley for an honest review
Published: 4.14.2014
Genre:  New Adult Contemporary Romance

Summary – 

One thing Carissa Brandt knows: spontaneity always get her in trouble. Still, she’s gone and jumped head first into an impulsive summer renovation project with her fingers crossed. When her contractor turns out to be a cheat, it seems her only lifeline is the proffered hand of Josh Hudson—the sexy Marine who left her aching for more than their single night together three years ago.

Josh has two hard and fast rules: never mix business with pleasure and don’t look twice at women his friends have dated, much less loved. It makes life in a small town simple—or it would, if he wasn’t harboring a secret with the potential to destroy his good name and the reputation of a woman he can’t get out of his head.

When Carissa finds herself in a bind, Josh’s integrity—both personal and professional—won’t let her fail. Will working together finally extinguish the attraction lingering between them? Or will the smoldering embers of their passionate rendezvous ignite all over again and set aflame the friendships they cherish the most?

Warning: This book contains a hella-sexy, inked up hero, a spunky heroine who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, smokin’ hot sex, and enough swearing to make your momma blush. For readers 18+.
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My Thoughts –

I really enjoyed Can’t Shake You.  The chemistry was off the charts, the story was amusing and the characters were awesome. Carissa and Josh worked well together.

This was one of those situations where the main characters atomically assumed something and/or didn’t want to upset anyone.  OMG – who cares.  Put your big girl/boy panties on and go for what you want.  I honestly didn’t see the reasoning of why “they couldn’t be together”. 

I thought the story was easy to read, understand and enjoy.  Great job to the author, I look forward to reading more from you!!


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