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review: Valan Playboys by Scarlett Dawn

Valan Playboys by Scarlett Dawn

My rating:  3/5
DRC provided by NetGalley for an honest review
Published February 21st 2015
Genre:  YA/NA PNR

Summary –

Orphan, Lana Claire, drinks too much and parties too hard. Eighteen-years-old, and a wild child, Lana does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. When a crazy encounter at a new bar ends with bodies littering the ground, Lana wonders if she may have discovered a path that leads to answers she desperately needs.

Never one to walk blind, she treads carefully. What she finds is more than she ever hoped for. Lana knew she wasn't human, but an entire community of others like herself blows her mind. And the men! Heat and passion burn bright when Valan men are on the hunt for their mate, but Lana never expected to be the spark for two of their hottest playboys. More than ready to sizzle with the alphas of Valan, Lana does what she always does. She dives right in.  
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*Intended for readers 18+*
*Originally published in TAMING THE ALPHA*


My Thoughts –

While I really enjoyed Valan Playboys, I had a few issues.  #1 and most importantly – it was too short.  I wanted more, a lot more.  #2 – I feel the main character should have a tad bit older.  For a MFM book, at 18 years old – there was a slight ick factor.  Just sayin’.  I think while reading I tried to picture these characters older, to stay sane.

That being said – I think the author did a decent job at world building, I actually could have used a bit more info for once, but for as short as the story was, I was happy with what I got.  I seriously loved both the Jerome and Balar.  Loved them!!  Lana was also a pretty cool chick, she took things in stride and rolled with the punches (not to mention she’s the luckiest B out there).

Great job to the author, I'd for sure read more in this world – just give us more (more, more, more, that’s what all readers want) !!


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