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Remaking Ryan by Jacie Floyd + Excerpt

Opposites united in their disenchantment with life are pushed together in a cross-country drive where they discover that sometimes the long way home is the only way to go in Remaking Ryan by Jacie Floyd.

Remaking Ryan by Jacie Floyd
Series: The Billionaire Brotherhood #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pub. Date: January 4, 2016
ISBN: 978-1523255368


In Book Three of the Billionaire Brotherhood, Ryan Eastham appears to have it all—fame, fortune, and legendary good looks—but injury has ended his high-profile professional football career and he’s at loose ends. After years of living, breathing, and training for football, he’s searching for something meaningful to do with his future. He expects nothing but boredom from the on-air sports announcer job he’s been offered, and his so-called love life is more tabloid fiction than fact.

Due to the shattering betrayal of her late husband, Jenna McCall is wary of men and their meaningless promises. Isolating herself from friends and family while she reexamines her goals and dreams, her baby daughter is her sole focus. Ryan’s unscheduled intrusion into her life leaves her irritated, edgy, and a little intrigued.

Family commitments throw this pair together as reluctant companions on a cross-country drive from Massachusetts to Missouri. Despite a wrong turn, stolen car, and fussy baby, they find unexpected pleasure in one another’s company. Amid wedding chaos and intense family drama in St. Louis, they each proceed with plans to start new careers in different parts of the country, but their attraction continues to build. When it’s time to say good-bye, Ryan challenges Jenna to remake their lives and plan a future together instead.

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“You’ve got a lot of balls,” Jenna accused.
Ryan hooked an eyebrow and sighed. “What did I do now?”
“In your storage closet, you have a lot of balls.”
He shrugged a shoulder. “No more than I need, babe.”
“Big house, big gym, big television. The Big Easy wouldn’t be overcompensating for something, would he?” She intentionally used his super-cool nickname.
“Nah, I believe in the ‘bigger is better’ theory.” He crooked a grin that ended with a wink. “In everything.”
“Right.” She shook her head, disgusted with herself for going down this road. Matt deserved her anger, disdain, and scorn, not Ryan. Not the jock’s fault she had mountains of bitterness and her real target was out of bounds.
 “What’s with the two TVs?” Even as committed a sports-aholic as Matt had only watched one at a time, clicking back and forth during commercials.
“One for news, one for sports.”
“In your world, aren’t news and sports the same thing?” Now that she noticed, the bigger screen was tuned to CNN. The smaller one was set on ESPN.
“Pretty much,” he admitted.
Clearly, he didn’t need her any longer, now that he was on his own turf, now that he had channels to surf and games to peruse. Besides, Dad and Abby would be here any minute. She hoped.
Clearing her throat, Jenna drifted toward the doorway. “Can I get you anything before I go?”
“I wouldn’t turn down a snack. Whatever you can find. There’s probably better food in the kitchen upstairs, if you want to check.” He flashed her the tired version of his killer grin. Somehow she found this one with less wattage more appealing than the famous one with more star power. More authentic, maybe. “Then you can leave my pain pills where I can reach them, and you can take off.”
On the surface that sounded right, but... “No. I’m not sure you can manage on your own.”
“I’ve been taking care of myself for years. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a very big boy.” He cupped his hand around his ear and cocked his head. “Oops, there’s that word again. ‘Big.’ Did you hear it?”
She chewed on her bottom lip, trying to believe him. About the taking care of himself thing, not about the “big boy” thing. She didn’t need that image planted in her head. “I heard it and ignored it. Size isn’t everything, you know.”
“You sure about that?”
“I am when the person in question has the body of a grown-up but behaves like a ten-year-old. Nurse Marley said you shouldn’t be left alone.”
“She also told us not to leave the second floor without her, but here we are.” He spread his hands out wide, indicating the obvious, before pointing his finger at her. “And you, Princess Perfect, played a pivotal role in my escape. Abby will be here soon, and you heard Harry. He’ll be over in a flash if I call him with anything I need. Food, drinks, strippers.” He shrugged off her deadly stare. “Just kidding about the strippers.”
“Couldn’t care less.” She turned and headed for the kitchen.

About Jacie Floyd

Like most writers, I’ve always been an avid reader. I always knew I wanted to write, too, but I kept that tidbit to myself for a very long time. What does a reader who secretly wants to write do? She works in a library. My very first job, and maybe my favorite, was in my hometown public library. I loved everything about the grand old building and was fascinated by the people who came and went every day. But mostly, I loved the books. Seeing them, handling them, checking them in and out, shelving them, and, of course, reading them. To have access to books that contained so much knowledge, history, and tradition was a pleasure that never grew old.

In my spare time through the next few years, I continued reading and began learning how to write. I accumulated stacks of completed manuscripts and an increasing determination to get them published. Happily, my sixth full-length novel has just been released. I would describe my books as fresh, flirty, and fun contemporaries about strong women and men who deal with relatable situations in familiar settings. They’re also emotionally rewarding with a liberal helping of humor, because, really, what point is there to life without laughter?

After living my childhood and adult life in a variety of Midwestern cities, I was always an island girl at heart, yearning for white sands, perpetual sunshine, and crystal blue waters. This past year I turned that dream into reality by abandoning my snow shovel along with my day job and moving to Florida to write full-time. The view from my lanai is great, the wildlife is interesting, and my handsome and heroic husband handles all of my IT issues and regularly prods me to interact with actual living, breathing people, not just the ones I invent and put on the page.

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