Wednesday, April 27, 2016

review: Jagger by Chelsea Cameron and MJ Fields

Jagger by Chelsea Cameron and MJ Fields

My rating:  4/5
(Caldwell Brothers #3)
ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review
Published: 4/12/2016
Genre:  MMA Romance

Summary – 

Full of swagger and sensuality, the Caldwell Brothers series—perfect for fans of Katy Evans and Emma Chase—packs an emotional punch as the last bachelor standing fights for a woman who’s worth every ounce of trouble.
Jagger Caldwell is no one’s hero. With a reputation busting heads and breaking hearts on the underground MMA circuit, he lives for easy cash and easier women. But when he stumbles upon an all-too-familiar scene, painful memories awaken Jagger’s sensitive side and compel him to act. As a kid, he stood by helplessly as his old man beat his mom. Now, Jagger won’t let seventeen-year-old Tatiana Rand suffer the same fate. Nothing matters except saving her.

Tatiana is a prisoner in her own home, at the mercy of her violent father—until an unlikely savior bursts through her door and into her life. Six-feet-plus of tattooed muscle and raw power, Jagger is no prince charming—but Tatiana stopped believing in fairy tales long ago. Despite their differences in age and, well, everything else, the sexy bad boy sparks a fire that Tatiana never knew she had—and desires that only Jagger can quench.
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My Thoughts – 

Once I started Jagger, I couldn’t put it down.  It’s more than just a romance and I absolutely loved it.  It was easy to read, gripping and fast paced.

Tatiana has spunk.  I think she’s a great character who’s been dealt a shitty hand in life and is just trying to get through each day.  She’s kind of too young, but I still like her a lot.  Jagger is cool.  He’s got a heart of gold and isn’t afraid to F someone up if he thinks they need it.  Great pair – again she’s kind of too young for my liking, but bygones. 

Great job to the pair of writers.  I read this and didn’t realize it was #3 in a series.  I didn’t feel behind or clueless as to what was going on.  Written well, great dialogue and smokin’ hot!!


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