Tuesday, April 19, 2016

review: Jaked by Sabrina Stark

Jaked by Sabrina Stark

My rating:  4/5

Jaked #1

Published:  11/15/014

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Summary –
For way too long, Jake Bishop has been Luna Moon's ultimate fantasy, a bad boy brawler with a wicked reputation. Lucky for Luna, she's finally wised up to the truth. Jake's too wild, too reckless, and too far out of her league – especially now that he's rich, famous, and too hot for any one girl to hold.

A digital celebrity and trouble-maker incarnate, Jake goes through girls the way some guys go through bottles of booze. Luna, a college grad whose fortunes are flaming out fast, has two jobs, one psychotic ex-boyfriend, and zero interest in repeating past mistakes. From now on, she's determined to play it safe. No more bad boys. No more drama. And no more crushing on the likes of Jake Bishop.

There's only one problem, Jake. One morning, he shows at Luna's place, uninvited, to turn her life upside down. But why? To help her? To hinder her? Or to settle a score long overdue? No matter the reason, Jake Bishop is in for a big surprise, because this brat from his past is all grown up – and capable of bringing the baddest of bad boys to his knees.

A full-length novel, this new adult contemporary romance is the first book in the two-book Jaked series. It features mature content, sexual situations, and adult language. It's not advised for under-age readers.
(Thanks to GoodReads.com for the summary)

My Thoughts –
I enjoyed Jaked a lot. I started listening to it at work, got home and started to read it and couldn’t stop.  I used whispersync and read/listened to this story. I yelled a loud “are you kidding me?” when it ended – not expecting such a steep ledge on that cliff hanger. 

Jake and Luna are a very hot couple.  I kind of didn’t like the: I love you, stay, you have to leave back and forth stuff.  Luna needs to get her crap together.  She’s hiding from an ex, has a horrible roommate, has 2 crappy jobs and lives in a dump.  Jake is so alpha.  He needs to let Luna make her own choices and tell her what the hell is going on…secrets are not good.

Like I said, I liked it a lot.  I’ve started #2 already (free on KU and $1.99 for the audible version with whispersync) Great job to the author – the story is very fast paced, wicked hot lovin and strong alpha male...the cliff hanger kills me though. ..agggghhhhhh!


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