Friday, January 28, 2011

Cowboy Carvings - Morgan Ashbury

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good enough to get me going...

Shortly after Annie wakes up from a coma, she learns her abusive husband was killed in a robbery and the child she was 7 months pregnant with is no longer a possibility, nor is having any more children. After a bit of planning, she packs what fits into her car and leaves NYC for some BFE town in the state of Washington. She buys the local general store with some insurance money and set out to begin a new life for herself.

Best friends from almost birth, Jesse and Grant have had their eye on Annie from the moment she came to town. They share everything, always had. On the one year anniversary of Annie's arrival they decide to put a plan into motion to win her heart, together.

Meanwhile, Annie's deceased husband's brother gets out of jail and has only 2 things on his mind - locating the stolen necklace he's planning on cashing in on and Annie, even if she doesn't want him.

Well she doesn't. She wants those cowboys and under the rouse of offering her riding lessons (huh, riding lessons) the guys get Annie to spend more time with them. Pretty soon, they're spending more and more time together, but Annie doesn't think it's going to last, they guys have other intentions - they want her and they want her forever.

After Annie freaks out about the guys plans for the future, the baddie catches up with her. Then the shit hits the fan and the day is saved and then...HEA.

My thoughts - I liked it. The story was so-so and really rated closer to a 3, but the sex was smokin! That's why it got a 4. I liked the main characters and the plot was ok.  I feel any emotional ties to the characters though, one of the reasons the story would only get a 3 had not the sex been so terrifically hot. 


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