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Dakota Heat #4 - Dakota Springs by Leah Brooke

Dakota Springs (Dakota Heat, #4)Dakota Springs by Leah Brooke

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The day her divorce is final, Elizabeth gets a call from the 2 men in her past that she's never been able to forget or get over. She knows they'll be in the small town she grew up and is returning to so she can give her daughter the same wholesome upbringing she had, but she thinks she can avoid them.

Chandler and Hayden Scott (yes - brothers) made a big mistake 8 years ago when they told Lizzy she was nuts for having feelings for the both of them. They aren't going to make that mistake again and they aren't going to let her go.

When they pick her up at the airport instead of her parents, she doesn't know what to think - then Hayden lays one on her that almost brings her to her knees. Chandler gets his turn to plunder her lips out in the parking lot and oh boy does he. The guys tell her that they want her and don't intend on giving up until they get exactly what they want.

She thinks they're nuts and only saying all this out of some obligation to their parents being old good friends - but at the same time wishing it were all true. Lizzy kind of freaks out after the guys tell her that they've spoken with her parents already and the rest of the town.

Hayden and Chandler want to marry her, they want to be fathers to her daughter and they want to have babies with her. After her horrible experience of being married to someone who cheated the entire time they were married and whom she didn't want to be married to to really begin with, she never wants to get married or have babies again. Evah.

There's a break-in at her parents house, an attempt to get the blackmail evidence that she used to get out oh her marriage - of her husband and of her father-in-law senator cheating with numerous women - but the perps were unsuccessful.

After some hot, hot lovin' out at the guys ranch, she gets a call from her ex. He says his mother will do anything it takes to get her grand-daughter back and the fact that she shacking up with two guys might allow them to do just that. Then he suggests the one thing she never wanted to do again - marry one of them. She does and they think all is fine. It's not.

While on an errand into town, she gets flat and hitches a ride with one of the ranch hands. An assassin is in the back of the truck and knock hers out. She wakes up later, while the ranch hand is digging a hole under gun-point and hears the assassins plans for her and her daughter. He plans to kill her and take the little girl back to her grandparents. She escapes back to the ranch after being shot and the attackers are caught.

The ex shows up and offers to relinquish rights tot he daughter he never really wanted to begin with so one of the guys can adopt her. He says it's the best legal way to her his parents off her back. Hayden then says he sent the incriminating evidence to the press as well. The senator and his wife go down and HEA.

This story was ok. I think what I liked most about it was the guys. They were so determined to win her heart again. They were good guys too. I kind of didn't like Lizzy. She totally didn't hold to any of her personal goals and gave in so easily when the time came to do so. She also didn't believe the guys when they said they loved her and she thought she was entering a sham marriage. I felt bad for the guys actually - she treated them like dirt really. The sex sure was hot though.

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