Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Falke's Peak - Anna Leigh Keaton & Madison Layle

Falke's PeakFalke's Peak by Anna Leigh Keaton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

**Spoilers!!! PWOP basically...

Dakota's girl's ski-getaway with her two girlfriends was wrecked when one of her friends was injured and the other decided to bring along her fiancee as a replacement. Looking to get away from the happy couple, Dakota leaves the resort and heads into the small resort town nearby. She spies Catamount Outfitters and goes in in hopes of finding the adventure she never knew she needed.

The moment she walks into the store, Axel know this woman was different. He's the oldest of 7 shape-shifting siblings, all whom have not found their mate yet. He agrees to take Dakota on a hiking/camping excursion, along with the brother he's destined to share his mate with, Gunnar. Except Gunnar isn't in human form for the trip, he's in his puma form for this trip known as Falke.

Axel, Dakota and Falke make their day long trek through the forest on snow shoes, resting occasionally. They exchange witty banter, flirtatious glances and each others trust.

They all get to the cabin and everything is great. Dakota gets a horny bone and makes a move on Axel. Axel can't resist. He only stops when Falke makes a ruckus and the guys exchange places. Gunnar, disguised as Axel, does no better than his brother and ends up banging her on the kitchen table. Axel sees and the guys change back. Dakota and Axel get ti on the rest of the week like all is good.

On the last day, as Dakota is packing up her stuff, there's an avalanche. Gunnar reveals himself in a hurried rush to save first Dakota nad then his brother. While stuck in a storm shelter underneath the cabin, Dakota learns the truth about the Falke family and takes it surprisingly well. After they determine the avalanche hasn't destroyed the cabin, they exit the storm shelter only to find the cabin is buried with snow and debris.

Axel and Gunnar figures they have a few hours to kill before they're rescued, so what better to do with some extra time? That's right---get it on! They do and when Dakota wakes up, the entire family is there. Vacation over. Axwel and Gunnar asks her to stay, but she says no due to her "life" back in Las Vegas.

A month goes by and the guys can't take it anymore. They head out to Sin City to convince Dakota they should be together forever - which isn't hard because Dakota can't get the guys out of her mind. She succumbs to their seduction and agrees to move to their town. She gets a job in town and her parents meet the family and HEA.

Ok enough story, I just wish it had more of an action/danger element to it. It was basically PWOP. It just lacked something for me, the something that made me care about the characters. I couldn't feel in my gut how much I wanted the characters to get together, it was just like - ok, they did, yay. I didn't feel the love. On the other hand, some of the sex scenes were hot - but that's all they were. It could have been better, it just didn't live up.

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  1. And there's going to be a sequel - which I'll probably read - per the website here