Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Firefighters of Station Five #1 - Trial by Fire by Jo Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**Spoilers!!! Scortchingly hot!!

Kat went to check on her parents and neighbor's houses while they were a cruise. She never expected for anything to ever happen, but it did. The neighbors house was on fire when she pulled into her parents driveway that night. Not feeling like she could just stand there and watch, she gets the garden hose and tries to combat the fire herself, especially after she thought she heard someone scream.

As fireman Howard helps the little blond thing that tried to put the fire out by herself, he feels something he hasn't felt in forever. From the get-go Howard feels a connection with Kat and so does Kat.

The fire crew is shocked when they find a body handcuffed to the bed of the house that just went up in flames. The killer/arsonist watches from close by and plots his revenge on an unsuspecting Howie.

The next day, Howard takes Kat out for a ride on his bike and a picnic in the park - during which he saves a little girl and blows off a little sexual steam with Kat, while the killer watches.

Kat can't get enough of Howard and neither can he, but he won't open up to her about his nightmares or his past. Meanwhile, there's another murder and Howard finds a pic of the first victim on his front door. He realizes the killer in messing with him and maybe someone from his past, he just can't figure out who.

The killer's next victim is someone Howard knows and Howard is injured severely. Kat takes care of him for the next few weeks, without incident from the killer - whom is just biding his time.

The killer finds Kat alone at Howard's house and tries to do the same to her that he did to the other women. she fights back, Howard shows up, Howard gets shot and saves the day - HEA.

I liked this a lot. not my normal genre, but I think I might add firefighters to my repartee. Their chemistry was combustible from the beginning, I loved it.

Howard lived through hell as a child and had the suppressed memories to show for it. Howard was complex and deep. He dreams of the night his father tried to bet him to death, but he won't talk to anyone about. Not good. He feels so strongly about Kat, but doesn't think he's worthy because of his past and because he can't have children. He almost looses her due to his doubts and issues.

Kat was a strong character. I liked her quite a bit. She didn't like being told what to do and wasn't going to let Howard get away with it. I liked that she wanted to help Howard so much and had the patience to do so.

I also likes all of the other fireman, they were pretty cool. I'm looking forward to reading their stories. Great start to a series!!


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