Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Vampire Voss - Colleen Gleason

The Vampire VossThe Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interesting. 5 days people - 5 days...I'm just sayin'.

For reasons unknown to them, Angelica Woodmore and her sister Maia are sent to live with the strange and mysterious Dimitri, whom they've never met, due to the disappearance of their older brother. The sisters meet Dimitri at a party, but then so does the Vampire Voss - Voss Arden the Viscount Dewhurst.

Angelica has the Sight - meaning she can see when a person in going to die, just by touching something they own. At this party, she sees a man she had a dream of dying and tries to warn him. The man, of course, doesn't tkae her seriously, because he is a member of the Dracule - a cabal of powerful, secretive noblemen marked with a talisman that reveals their bartered souls - just like Voss and vampires don't die. But he does and Voss needs to see angelica for him to understand why. And he needs to see angelica again, her scent draws him to her and creates a hunger - for her body and blood.

At the next party they attend, Voss shows up - even though he's been warned to stay away from the Woodmore sisters - but so do the baddies who are after the Woodmore's brother. The baddies plan to kidnap one of the sisters to use as bait for the brother, because apparently the brother ran off and eloped the baddie's sister. Tit for tat, I guess.

The baddies attack, Voss saves Angelica but takes off with her to someplace he thinks is safe, but it only is for so long. The baddies attack again and they barley get away again. During the same time, Voss and Angelica are fighting their attraction for each other - Voss because he doesn't want to hurt her and Angelica because she think it's inappropriate.

Eventually Angelica goes back to stay with Dimitri and her sister but still dreams and thinks of Voss often. On the way to yet another party, they're attacked again by the baddies and Angelica is abducted. Voss travels to France form London, which is difficult because of the war going on, and saves the day. And he still fights his attraction for Angelica.

Angelica's brother shows up and whisks her off back to London. Voss is desolate and feels like giving up on life after a scuffle with Angelica's vampire hunter brother, but saves a young girl from falling out of a window during the day. Sunlight and vamps - not a good combo in this world.

Voss is saved and transforms into a new man after saving the girl. He travels back to London to reunite with Angelica being a changed man and HEA.

I've learned a few things from reading this one - I didn't know the waltz was the forbidden dance, I didn't realize how prude people were back then and I learned that I really don't like historical books set in regency London.

I think if the book had been set in modern times I may have liked it more. The general idea of the story was good, but not stellar. I don't like the fashion, the elaborated language or the upitty-ness of the people of this time. Voss was a self-centered prick and Angelica was a mousy wallflower. I didn't really care for the characters at all - I think I liked Dimitri the best, but it wasn't his story. The sensual scenes were a bit blah and I didn't really get into the book until the last 100 pages. Good story, just not my cup of tea.


  1. I loved Gleason's Gardella Vamp series, it was also set in Victorian England so am really looking forward to this new series. I love a historical flavor with my paranormals.

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