Tuesday, June 28, 2011

review: Chantilly's Cowboy - Debra Kayn

Chantilly's CowboyChantilly's Cowboy by Debra Kayn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chantilly’s one dream in life is to take over running the family ranch. When her daddy hires a new foreman, she goes ballistic. Chantilly thinks that her daddy doesn’t think she can do the job, even though she has been for like ever. Add to the fact the new foreman, Jack, makes her feel all wonky inside and she’s one hot mess.

Jack knew something was special about Chantilly the first time he met the little spitfire. He understands her why she’s upset, but he’s just trying to keep his word to Chantilly’s dad and to do the best he can for himself and his nephew, whom he’s putting through college.

Not long after their first outing in the fields together, Chantilly and Jack can’t fight their attraction for each other – and they don’t. It’s not long before a secret comes out that Jack was keeping and it threatens to break them apart.

I liked this story quite a bit, a lot actually:) Chantilly was a neat character and Jack was an upstanding guy. The tension and passion was strongly felt. I liked Jack so much – he was a good guy, doing a good thing, not only for his nephew but for Chantilly’s father as well. It was heart breaking when she rejected him after the big secret came out and I just felt so bad for everyone involved. That’s a good book – one that can make you feel so much. The writing in easy to read and I would definitely read something else revolving around this ranch (twin sister and the nephew maybe?).


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