Wednesday, July 27, 2011

review: Blood of the Demon - Rosalie Lario

Blood of the Demon (Demons of Infernum, Book 1)Blood of the Demon by Rosalie Lario

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Keegan lives to exact revenge on the evil demon who sired and abused him. When his father devises a plan to bring on the apocalypse, he and his three half-brothers, interdimensional bounty hunters for the Elden Council, are charged with capturing and delivering their father for punishment. 

Art gallery owner Brynn Meyers has no idea that her ability to read memories embedded in objects and drain people of their life force means she has demon ancestry. Unfortunately for Brynn, she’s also the key to raising an ancient zombie army, which puts her on every demon’s Most Wanted List.

And no one wants her more than Keegan’s father.

Keegan must protect Brynn from his father by any means necessary, but he’ll have to learn to harness the other half of his genetics—the far deadlier, uncontrollable half—when he starts to fall for the one woman standing between him and the vengeance he so desperately seeks. The one woman he’ll never be able to resist. (summary from

Blood of the Demon is an emotional, action packed, wicked hot read! It was easy to connect with all of the characters and cheer them on or boo them. The author has created a unique perspective on the paranormal world and I really enjoyed it. Brynn and Keegan have powerful chemistry and they’re combustible when they get together. I enjoyed the bit of Egyptian mythology, which is rarely written about in stories like this. So many things happen and there’s so much action, but it all works very well. I like that the author didn’t get too wordy and had good dialogue between the characters. Keegan’s brothers are going to be a hoot to read about, I can’t wait until their time in the lime light comes.


  1. I want to read this book,,baaaaddddd!!! Great Review,,,

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