Monday, July 18, 2011

review: Called Home - Gloria Schumann

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Emma’s returned home to help her mother out with their small dairy farm and to start a new life for herself. She’s independent and determined to do things on her own and especially doesn’t want help from anyone. The last thing she’s looking for is a man, but a man is exactly what comes knocking on her door in the middle of a tornado. 

David’s returned home from New York, to make a life for himself in the community he was raised in, now that he’s a best-selling novelist. He’s unaccustomed to the feelings he has when he encounters Emma, even when she tells him to bugger off, but wants to explore them and he’s determined not to give up.

Someone else has their eye on Emma as well and after some disturbing situations, David takes on the roll of Emma’s protector and ‘babysitter’. As some strange things happen to Emma, David and Emma grow closer and soon they realize they’ve fallen for each other. David and Emma face an unknown enemy and their personal issues together.

Called Home is a sweet, innocent romance story. I really think Emma is a mean, arrogant B through most of the story. She doesn’t even want to talk to David most of the time and sees it as an annoyance. David is unrelenting and knows there’s something that could go on between them and wants to explore it. He’s treated like a doormat for a good portion of the book, which I really don’t like. He’s a good guy and has a good heart. I felt like some parts of the story could have been taken – that they weren’t necessary. I also didn’t feel the chemistry between the two - I felt it on David’s side, but not Emma’s. I also generally tend to like a little more”action” in my stories - in this one, there was potential but alas, there was none. I think this should be marketed as Christian Fiction, which is not generally a genre I read. Again, I think Called Home is a sweet, innocent romantic mystery and one who likes light romances would enjoy.

I'd like to thank the author for asking me to review Called Home for an honest review.

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