Sunday, July 17, 2011

review: Collide - Megan Hart

CollideCollide by Megan Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emmaline just moved to a new city and has started a new job, much to her parent’s dismay. They’re worried she may have another fugue, something she’s been having ever since she was in an accident as a child. Emm thinks she can handle it, since she hasn’t had one in over a year.

That all changes after she bumps into the reclusive Johnny Dellasandro in the coffee shop she and her friend frequent. In the 70’s, Johnny was an ‘art film’ star but is now a painter with a local gallery. Emm can’t get enough of Johhny. She starts watching all of his movies, researching him on the internet and even purposely walks by his house – which happen to be in her neighborhood. Then she has a fugue, but it’s different this time – more realistic, more vivid.

When she’s in the fugue state, she seems to be going back into time – to Johnny’s life then. As she ‘travels’ back and forth between lifetimes with Johnny, she comes to care and love both versions of him.

This is an excellent book. It’s hard to summarize and review it without spoiling it all for you. I just loved it. At first, I almost gave up because it started off a bit slow. I finished it and boy am I glad I did. Collide is a heart-wrenching, magnificent, steamy read. The concept for the story is unique and plotted out well. The chemistry between Emm and Johnny, in both lifetimes, is beautiful and breathtaking. I love how Megan Hart writes her characters as if they’re real people going through something real and how it’s all so believable. I couldn’t get this story out of my mind after reading it and that’s one of the reasons why I love her books to death – they’re deep and emotional.

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  1. I'm almost finished this book, listening to the audio book version on my ipod, will be finished it in about 2 hrs. The end is killing me, I'm dying to know what's going to happen, now THATS why I like paper books!! Anyway, I agree, the beginning is slow and if I were reading it I'd have quickly abandoned it but glad I'm still with it. It's a great story and I had to rewind a few of the love scenes... *fans self* phew!

    Glad I stumbled in here! I love romance books!!