Friday, August 2, 2013

review: Alpha Within by Mima

Alpha Within (Bonded Fantasy, #3)Alpha Within by Mima
3 of 5 stars
Pulished 2.4.2008
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Luna was the answer to Dar’s prayers. Her fertility skills would save his Clan. That she was his mate was something that only made her claiming that much more perfect. Powerful and beautiful, her body sang for him. But he rushed her. He offered all of himself, baring his soul, and she stood in silence. Unable to comprehend the rejection, everything fell apart.

Dar accepted Luna’s magic, even knowing her past actions damned her as darkmage. He could take her from calm to orgasm with a twist of his bossy fingers. She trusted him, a leader of powerful warriors. But he rushed her. A man like him couldn’t comprehend how very alone she’d been, for so very long. He offered her something so precious and rare, she didn’t recognize it for what it was until it was too late.

They’re two wounded souls, but perfect for each other. One so tired of carrying the burden of a dying Clan. One so tired of hiding and running. Now they have to face the pain neither meant to deal to the other. Shame and guilt are heavy bedfellows. Enemies within the Clan and without gather to nip at them. Dar’s Snowcat only understands that their mate is unclaimed. Somehow, Luna has to overcome her fear of her man’s other nature. Because if she’s going to take her place at his side, she has to master the Alpha Within.

Contents: multiple partners, m/m, anal, toys, biting  (thanks GoodReads for the summary)

My thoughts -
Ok story. Felt a bit lost a times, definitely part of a series.

I liked both the main character, Dar and Luna, quite a bit. I felt they were a lot alike in ways. They were both good hearted people, if a little stand offish because of their stations in life. The both wanted to help bring life into the the world and create families. And they were both really lonely.

My major issue with it - the timing/pacing of the the book is a bit woonky. At times it's say that they're at the gathering for a month, they've been there for weeks, or there was one more day of the gathering and then there'd be a week all of a sudden, then tomorrow is the mating ceremony and then suddenly it's a few days away - that was confusing.

I liked the story. I thought they had great chemistry. I didn't get the "world" though. As I said earlier, I felt like I should know about stuff going on and didn't. This isn't a stand-alone book at all.


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