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review: Wanting You by Becca Siller

Wanting You ~ Becca Siller
Series: Broken Road #1

DRC & ARC provided by Inkwater Press for an honest review
Published: 5/10/13
Genre: New Adult Romance

Summary –
After a bad break-up from her abusive ex-boyfriend Tony, Charlotte McElroy and her best friend Riley Tate decide to let loose in Las Vegas. Even though she has sworn off men, Charlotte finds herself powerless against her attraction to a gorgeous dark-haired movie star. His charming sense of humor and good looks are a lethal combination against her resolve to not get involved with a man like him. Wyatt Grayson and Miles Porter embark on a weekend of drinking and partying with their good friend and fellow actor Jesse. On a short break from filming the second installment of the Forced Romance trilogy, the trio find themselves at the mercy of the two beautiful women.

Wyatt and Charlotte never intended to fall in love but when she's attacked by her former boyfriend, Wyatt quickly learns that he can't live without her. Charlotte finds herself clinging to Wyatt for her own salvation from her nightmare. But can their love withstand the broken road they find themselves on? Can it prevail despite Wyatt's promiscuous history, the temptation posed by ever-present and ever-willing bimbos, the geographic distance between them, and his demanding film schedule? Or will the turmoil of Charlotte's past, Wyatt's troubled childhood, and the threat posed by Tony keep them forever apart? (Thank you for the summary) 

My Thoughts –
I thought this story was great. I loved it, almost completely. I also really dig the cover.  It takes yo a sec to realize that her pants are coming off...wicked hot!!  The characters were awesome, it had an action, danger element and I loved the romance.

Charlie and Wyatt are great. I really enjoyed looking the story through their individual point of views. This gave the book more complexity and really made you care about the characters a lot more than if it had only been via one person. They each had their issues, but together they worked so well as a couple.

Charlie, as smart as she was, was a bit dumb. Naive really. Or maybe she lacked self-confidence. To stay with a man that abused her, to hide the evidence and to lie to her friends and family, I think, is what too many women experience in real life. Becca really captured this aspect of the story/life spot on. I think Charlie should have taken the threats more seriously, though. She seemed to shrug them off and not really think Tony was serious. My feeling is – if they’re serious enough to say it, they’re serious enough to do it. I think she was a bit quick to jump to conclusions at times, but is anyone perfect?

Wyatt was a complete man-whore. Oh, I wanted to beat his ass for taking back two ladies to his hotel room when he was trying to hook up with Charlie. I really don’t know if I could have gotten past that to even think of starting a relationship with this man – but then again, that’s not what Vegas is about. Other than the man-whore issue, I totally love Wyatt. He’s loyal, wicked hot and one hot mess. I like that he’s a star, but doesn’t put himself on a pedestal above everyone else. He’s a real guy, not a fake, materialistic snob.

I thought the chemistry between Wyatt and Charlie was sizzlin’ hot. It was instant, which was a bit cheesy, but it was intense. The connection between Jesse and Charlie was only luke warm. Miles and Riley were also a great couple…as well as D & S.

This is a great story. I found it easy to read, easy to follow and enjoyable. I liked the real, modern dialogue in the book. Some romance authors use the corniest language when writing and I abhor that – Becca Siller does not do that, thank goodness. I felt the story was fluid and fast paced and that the danger/action element added an excellent/intense twist to the overall plot/message of the book. I’m anxiously awaiting the second installment in the Broken Road series…please finish it soon

 Where does the story take place?
     It takes place mostly in Las Vegas and partly in Portland.

Is the title a good/bad choice for the story?
     I think it’s a great choice. These two people desperately want each other and this is felt/shown throughout the story.

List 3 characters and 1 word to describe them each.
     Wyatt - enamored
     Charlotte - naive
     Jesse - desperate

Give the book an alternate ending…or were you happy with it?
     As such a cliff hanger, I think I would have concluded Charlie and Wyatt’s story a bit more – or set up the next chapter in their life.

Did you cry, laugh, sigh, cringe, fume or feel nothing?
     Cried, laughed, sigh, cringed, got tingly, and fumed. I felt a multitude of emotions while reading this story.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me and taking the time to read Wanting You. I appreciate the support and your honesty. I look forward to more in the future.

    Thanks again,
    Becca Siller