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author interview: Becca Siller & Wanting You EXCERPT

BECCA SILLER was born in Mt. Home, Idaho, raised in California by a family of readers, and always enjoyed a good story. She was delighted to become a full-time stay-at-home mom but decided she needed something to keep busy during nap times. With the encouragement of her adoring family and an active imagination, she started on her first novel and hopes to have many more to come. Wanting You, the first book in the Broken Road series, is her first published novel.

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Thanks Becca for answering my questions so openly and honestly!!  I look forward to more from you in the furure:)  Check out an excerpt form Chapter 3 of Wanting You below.

1.  Are any of the situations/characters based on someone you know/events in your own life?   
Yes some of the situations in the story are very personal. But the majority of the book is based on fiction.

2.  Do you ever experience writer's block? 
All the time! I’m actually in the middle of it right now. I’m working on book two and have reached a point where I’m not sure which way I want to go with the story.

3.  What was the hardest part of writing your book? 
The emotional struggles of the characters. I feel a connection with each of my characters. So when I have to write the hard scenes, I think it takes a toll on my own psyche as well. And keeping track of all the little details.

4.  What book are you reading now? 
On July 28, 2013 (which is when I answered these questions) I just finished reading  The Druid Stone by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane. The next on my to read list is Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren.

5.  What types of books do you normally like to read? 
Anything with a good love story in it. Right now I’m really into Josh Lanyon’s books right now. I love his murder mysteries. I also LOVE Jasinda Wilder her writing is really inspirationally emotional. But I will read or listen to on Audible anything that peeks my interest. But it has to have sex and love!

6.  What kind of environment do you prefer to write in (quite, coffee shop, music playing, daytime, vampire hours, etc.)?
 I wish I could say a calm quiet environment, but the truth is I have two boys and several dogs. My house is crazy all the time. I usually pop in my ear buds and try to write as long as I can before someone needs something. I also try to write when the little on is asleep. Late night writing with a glass of wine is always productive. I also carry around note books for inspirational moments.

7.  Why did you decide to stop the story where you did? 
(You know how cruel that was, right?)
I didn’t stop the story there originally. My editor Linda Franklin helped me with the ending. I originally ended the story at Charlie’s abduction… I think that was too cruel. Wanting You leaves off at a good starting point for book 2.

8.  What’s next?  Will it be a continuation of Charlie and Wyatt’s story or will it be about someone else? 
The story will continue where it left off in the first book. I will continue with Charlie and Wyatt’s journey but I also added Riley’s point of view in book two. I have a few other projects that I’m working on simultaneously. A paranormal romance and a younger maybe YA book….we’ll see what happens with those.

9.  If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
 I try not to go back and read it too many times. I tend to be a perfectionist, so there are always things I’d change But I’m really happy with the way Wanting You turned out.

10.  Did you learn anything from writing your book?  If so, what was it? 
Wanting You was a life changing story for me. I wanted something real for readers. I love to read myself but I hate when the story has nothing tangible that I can associate in my own life. I learned to trust my instincts, especially when writing the hard stuff. But most of all it was, I could do this. I can be a writer. It was and continues to be an amazing experience.

11.  Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? 
First I want to thank them for all their support and encouragements. I hope my readers enjoy reading Wanting You as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope that they are able to connect with a character in the story and want to continue reading about them in the future. I also want to encourage other fledgling writers out there to take a chance with their work. You never know what could happen. 

Chapter 3

Oh my heavens, I think this Wyatt guy just completely undressed me with his eyes. The worst part is that I liked it. It’s like his slow perusal of my body was a gentle caress and the more he perused the hotter I became. By the time Jesse suggested drinks I was practically panting. When he shook my hand I felt like everything in me ignited. While he looked toward Jesse I took my chance to ogle him. Ok, inventory: light brown straight hair slightly shaggy, broad defined shoulders, narrowed at the waist but not too much, I do hate a scrawny guy, tall, very tall maybe like over six feet. Wow! He is handsome, which means trouble for me. I look away before I get caught staring at him. I glance toward Riley and she and that Miles guy are practically making bedroom eyes at each other already. Thank heavens for Jesse. I cannot get caught alone with Wyatt. I look again and he’s staring, I think, at my tattoos now; I see he has a tattoo peeking under his right arm coming from his back to his ribs. Maybe it’s some kind of anchor…I quickly look away.
“So, Charlotte, what do you do?” Wyatt asks. Ok, harmless enough question.
“I’m a veterinarian. I work in Portland.” His eyebrows shoot up. I know that reaction. I always get that reaction, it’s because I look younger than I am and that I’m a fully certified vet at age twenty-six.
“Oh…that seems interesting. You must love animals?” he says, seeming interested. Huh…he didn’t ask the typical questions, which is good because I don’t want to explain.
“Uh yes…I loving being around the animals although it is very difficult at times. But I love it.” Talking to him is making me so nervous. His voice is like a deep caress. I swear I’m getting goose bumps from him just talking.
“Oh. So what makes your job difficult?” he asks.
“When people are irresponsible and the animal suffers the consequences. So what do you do, Wyatt?” I question him, anything to change the subject off of me.
Laughing, “Like as if you don’t know?” he answers quizzically. His arrogance rubs me the wrong way.
“I’m not exactly sure why that’s funny but I truly don’t. Should I know?” I utter directly.
“Huh…well, Jesse, Miles, and I are all actors. We are kind of a big deal.” He seems genuinely confused by my ignorance.
“Oh really,” I say with a sardonic smile. “Well, tell me something you’ve been in and then maybe I’ll remember.”
Now with a smile more wary and questioning, he says, “Well, have you seen Forced Romance? Miles and I were both in that one. Jesse is a new character in the second installment that we are currently filming.”
“Hmm…I don’t know. Ry, have we seen Forced Romance?”
Turning to look at me, “No, babe, I don’t think so...should I have?” Riley answers.
“Well, according to Wyatt here, he and his friend Miles there are kind of ‘Big Deal’ actors...” I say with as much sarcasm as I can. I don’t like being made to look like an idiot for not wasting my time watching movies. I turn back to Wyatt and his smile has faded and now he’s scowling at me. “I’m sorry, we don’t watch movies much. Oh unless they have that smoking-hot Zac Efron in them. Sorry.” There, I know I sounded like a total bitch but I think he deserved it. I turn and rise to get in the pool and Jesse takes my hand.
“Damn, girl, you burned his ego bad,” Jesse says, laughing quietly. “I don’t think anyone has ever turned him down.” I glance over to Riley and she gives me the “now that was just mean grin.” I grin back and walk over to jump into the pool.
Well now that was frustrating. Her little show, as if I was peacocking or something. And that damn Jesse just walked off with her. No loyalty. None! I’m so mad I could yell. Then to watch her walk away – I knew that ass would be round and tight. Well I need to just get over her. There are a dozen girls that would happily take her place. “Sorry about that, Wyatt. She takes longer to warm up is all,” Riley says to me with an apologetic smile.
“So what’s her deal? Is she gay?” I ask, already knowing the answer to that question. I know she was checking me out. I could feel her eyes on me, hot on my skin. I wave to the attendant for another round of drinks. Riley breaks me from my thought with her laughter.
“Oh, hell no! She is definitely not gay. She’s just a little more guarded.” A shuttered look passes across Riley’s face before she quickly composes herself. Just then a phone starts ringing from a bag next to where Charlotte was sitting.
I turn to see if Charlotte can hear it, when I catch sight of her scrambling to get out of the pool. When she stood up and all that water slid down her perfect tight little body my gut tightened and my cock twitched. Crap, what is this? This woman just insulted me but my body stands at attention at the first sight of her. The sun is shining bright and it’s almost like her skin is sparkling. She jogs slightly to get to where we are sitting and that extra bounce in her step, Jesus. I swallow hard, trying to get control of myself.
She scrambles through her bag, not looking at me and desperately trying to not look at Riley, who is scowling at her. She picks up her phone. “Tony!” she exclaims and looks surprised but immediately winces and pulls the phone away from her ear. I could hear yelling. “How did you get this number?” The yelling gets louder and Charlotte leaps up and heads for somewhere more private. I watch her rush away; the look on her face is almost…fear.
“What’s that all about?” I ask Riley.
A pained look in her eye, Riley answers with a big sorrowful sigh, “Her loser ex-boyfriend.”
Immediately sitting up straight and begging us to forget that she ever said anything, Riley adds, “Seriously guys, Charlie would kill me if she knew I even mentioned anything.”
“Consider it forgotten,” I say quickly and Miles nods and agrees. “So Charlie, huh”? I say with a mischievous grin.
“Yeah, that’s what we all call her,” Riley says with huge smile.
“What’s with all the tats?” I ask. I noticed that she had a scripture running along her left side, a huge flower on her right shoulder and a few more that I couldn’t make out…maybe one on her wrist.
“What do you mean?” Riley replies.
“She has a lot of them,” I respond.
“Yeah and your point is? Look, Charlie is just a normal person that has tattoos and…” Riley’s answer is sharp.
I cut her off, waving my hand. “I’m not judging. Shit, I have a couple. She just seems too proper for them.” Then Riley gives me this “you have no idea” smile and my heart races at the thought of taking this girl to my bed and kissing all of her hot little tattoos.
I’m hiding behind the drink hut trying to find out how the hell Tony got my new number. Apparently I have someone giving Tony information about me. He never told me how he found out that Riley and I were going to Vegas; I’m assuming the same snitch. For some reason even though I’m fighting with Tony and am terrified with the consequences of what I say, I can’t get that damn Wyatt out of my head. He honestly looked hurt when I shot him down so abruptly.
Me: “Tony, I’m not going to fight with you like this. I’m on my vacation and I am not doing anything wrong. You are not supposed to be contacting me, remember?”
Tony: “You listen to me, if I find out that you’re fucking doing shit that I don’t approve of, Charlotte, you are not going to like my reaction when you get back.”
Me: “Tony, you can’t threaten me like that and I am not going to listen to this shit anymore. I deserve better than this! That’s why I left. Do us both a favor and move on. I’ve got to go. Don’t call me again.”
Before he can get another word in I hang up my phone and turn it off. “Damn it!” I curse to myself. I do not need this right now. I am going to enjoy my vacation with my best friend. Since I’m right here by the drink hut I’m buying drinks for everyone.
On my way back to our little lounging area I call to Jesse and have him follow me. “Are you ok, baby girl?” he asks me.
“I’m…ok. But I’m about to get a whole lot better,” I say with a smile that slowly warms my heart back up. I can’t think about what is waiting back home. “SHOTS!” I yell as Jesse and I return to the others.
Riley turns her concerned gaze on me. She jumps up and pulls me aside, “Hey babe, are you ok? What happened?”
“Let’s just say you need to text Mom and tell her to call your phone if she needs to get a hold of me,” I say as if it’s no big deal.
“Why?” Riley says calmly but with care and wariness.
“Because…I broke up with him but somehow he can’t seem to get the drift and someone gave him my number,” I say, frustrated.
“WHAT!” she shouts, “CHARLIE!”
“SSHHHH, Riley. I don’t need everyone knowing my business,” I say to her in a raspy whisper.
“Charlie, you know he’s not going to just let you go like that,” she said whispering now but I can see the three guys out of the corner of my eye. “Remember the last time.”
“Riley!” I hold my hand up in a clear “back off now” gesture. “Riley, let’s have some shots and have the best days of our lives and not think about that shit until we have the best four days too, ok?” I ask her with a pleading look.
“Ok. I love you, Charlie.”
“I love you too. Now let’s get drunk,” I say, laughing a real laugh.
Going back to the guys, I realize I owe Wyatt an apology. “Hey, Wyatt,” I say pulling him aside. “I just want to apologize for what I said and the way I acted. I was harsh and judgmental and I am sorry. Do you accept my apology?” As I say this he looks at me shocked. I chuckle slightly.
“Um…let me think about it. Sure if you do one of these with me,” Wyatt says, smiling as he picks up a shot. My smile widens. “And if you and Riley agree to go out with us tonight. I think Miles has a thing for Riley,” he says looking in the direction where the two are talking, and sitting very close together.
“Shots first, then yes, I could use a good time out. And I definitely think Miles and Riley are crushing on each other.”
As we all sit around, Riley and I eventually switch to beer and a few hours later we are all feeling the alcohol. We are laughing at stupid jokes. Jesse has quickly become one of my new favorite people. I think he knows something else is up and that’s why the sudden change in my attitude but if he does he doesn’t give anything away. Miles and Riley find any reason to touch each other. I haven’t seen her like this in a very long time. Come to think of it I don’t think either one of us has been this relaxed in a while. I think about how I could possibly have that again one day and my mind strays to Wyatt. Maybe I could have a thing with him. He is so easy to be around. Completely surprising considering what he does. I will be the first to admit that celebrities are way more regular than I thought.
My gaze drifts over to where he and Jesse are joking around with each other. His smile and laugh are delightful. I fear that he isn’t usually this relaxed, and that would be a shame because I feel a warming in my heart when I hear his laugh.
I don’t know how many shots we’ve had but I’m pretty sure that I have never met any other girls that could keep up with us guys. Despite the alcohol I can’t seem to get my mind on anything other than Charlie. Her laugh and the way she moves are a heady combination. I find myself inching closer to her. My hands itch to touch her; I have to stop myself several times from running my fingers across her jaw or placing my hand on her leg. Even after swimming several times she still has the sweet sensual smell of vanilla. I wonder if she tastes sweet too. I watch Miles and Riley out of the corner of my eye; they are touching each other every chance they get. I feel a pang of jealousy. I want to be that forward, but I’m just not sure if I affect her the same way.
“Wyatt, are you ready for another round?” Charlotte asks me as she picks up two more shots.
“Charlotte,” I say, warning her that I am almost to my shot limit.
“Please call me Charlie,” she says smiling up at me. Her eyes are so beautiful I almost lose my train of thought.
“Charlie…how are you able to drink so much? I’m not going to be able to last much longer.” I can’t help but stare at her. Her stance changes to one more playful and she immediately smiles.
“Well, Mr. Grayson, the trick is to keep drinking water. You and Mr. Porter have not.” Her attitude has changed so much in the last few hours that I can’t help the feeling building up inside me.
“Is that so? And what about Jesse? He seems fine.” She turns to look at Jesse and then back at me.
“Huh…Maybe he knows the secret or you are just a lightweight,” she says and starts to laugh. That sound is so intoxicating. When I lean in to her slightly, her breath hitches at my sudden closeness.
“How about a swim with me before another round? I wanna get in again before the sun sets...what do you say?”
She swallows hard and licks her lips, slowly sucking in the bottom one. My body clenches at the sight. It is taking everything I have not to kiss her. It’s not the right time. At the rate Miles and Riley are going they will be in bed together tonight. I’m thinking that there is more or potentially more with Charlie than another one-night stand.
Finally she answers. “Um...I guess so.”
I know my grin is mischievous as we turn and head over to the pool. Before she can get out another word I pick her up and jump into the deep end of the pool. I know how girls feel about their hair getting wet but I couldn’t help myself – I wanted to feel her body next to mine. We both come up laughing. They next thing I know I’m back underwater…she dunked me.
“Oh, it’s on now,” I sputter, coming up for air.
After some more splashing and dunking we both climb out of the pool to dry off. I grab a towel and begin helping Charlie dry off. Her breath hitches and starts coming faster. My movements slow and I look down at her. Yeah, I’m getting to her.
Breathlessly Charlie looks up at me. She licks her lips in that same irresistible way again. “We need to go get ready,” she says pulling away. “Riley, come on…that was a lot of fun, Wyatt. Thanks.”
“It was my pleasure. I had a great time too. Hey what floor are you guys on? Jesse, Miles, and I can come get you in say an hour and a half?” Hoping she says yes.
“Um, that’s ok, we can meet you in the lobby. I think Jesse is getting ready with us.”
“Oh, ok, then I’ll see you in a little while.” I feel like a total dork. I’m seriously bummed that she doesn’t want me to pick her up from her room. I feel so off my game. I’m never like this. I can’t keep my mind straight when she is around me.
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