Tuesday, May 27, 2014

review: Needing You by Becca Siller

Needing You by Becca Siller

4/5 stars
Broken Road Series #2 
Published 3.5.2014
ARC provided by Inkwater Press for honest review
310 pages

Summary - 

Dealing with the trauma of her kidnapping and vicious treatment at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Tony, Charlie struggles to find her way back to normality. Life was never supposed to be like this. Once she met the sexy, loving heartthrob, Wyatt Grayson, everything should have been OK. But will the repercussions of her abuse be too much for the couple to handle? Can Wyatt give Charlie the time she needs to recover without reverting to his promiscuous ways while filming in Scotland? Will Charlie's growing feelings for Ian, a gorgeous, supportive and attentive detective, supplant her love for Wyatt? Will jealousy and misunderstandings finally drive them apart, or is love really enough?

My Thoughts - 

Needing You is a heart-breakingly wonderful story about a couple learning to deal with survival after a traumatic situation.  Again, I’m loving the cover – it’s fantastic.
I think Charlie and Wyatt really needed to both be slapped a bit with their reactions to each other in this story.  They both really needed to chillax a moment, but things got out of control before anyone really could.  My heart literally felt like ti was breaking for these characters the entire time I was reading this story.  These two just really needed to sit down and be honest and open with each other but couldn’t really find a common ground to do so.
I love these characters and my feeling from my review of book 1 are the same.  Charlie is a bit dumb/naïve but that’s ok.   She learns and grows so much throughout this story, it’s amazing.  Wyatt is still a man-whore and I totally wanted to beat his ass again for whoring it up in Scotland.
I loved hearing more about Riley and Miles.  They were really there for Charlie when she needed them.  Same goes for D & S.  All around a great set of people living in this world.
The story was easy to read, follow and just fall in love with.  I can’t wait to hear more about this bunch of wicked awesome people in the next installment of the Broken Road series!!
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