Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playing With Fire #2 - Tangled by Karen Erickson

Tangled (Playing with Fire, #2)Tangled by Karen Erickson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

PWOP put simply.

Scarlett has a crush on Drake. Drake has a crush on Trevor. Trevor has a crush on Scarlett, but she hates him. See the problem?

Scarlett decides at one last rouse to make Drake notice her while at the voyeur club the group of friends frequent. Trevor finds her first and does sweet somethings to her in a private room. Scarlett freaks because she can't believe the bane of her existence has made her feel the way she did, so she bolts. Drake finds Trevor shortly after and they do sweet, sweet somethings to each other, but Trevor isn't done with his pursuit for Scarlett yet.

Trevor ignores Drake for the next week while seeking out Scarlett. Trevor and Scarlet go out for dinner and things heat up from there. Scarlett knows Trevor likes to dabble with the man-bits occasionally, so she sets up an interesting situation to happen between the three of them with Drake. He's all gung-ho.

After the night of the amazing DP, man-secks and multi-lovin', Scarlett and Trevor realize they've fallen in love but can't tell one another. Trevor goes to NY for an audition and Scarlett wigs out because she wants to go with if he gets it but isn't sure how Trevor wants her to. He does, but since these kind of people are such great communicators - she has no clue. She goes ape-shit after hearing he gets the part, totally raining on his parade and basically tells him to beat it. Luckily Trevor says yeah right and finds her as soon as he returns and HEA.

Ok, I liked the story. It was cute. I liked Scarlett, but thought she needed to be more sure of herself. Trevor was cool, I'd hit it. I liked his personality and kinks.

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