Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shutter - Trista Ann Michaels

ShutterShutter by Trista Ann Michaels

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked it.

Growing up, Bethany had been abused and raped by her psychotic step-father. She testified and had him put in jail after he tried to kill her. Afterwards, her mother blamed her for what happened and booted her out, as a teenager.

Jacob, a Hugh Heifner type guys (owns same kind of magazine, has mansion, has lots of young girls around him all the time), likes to help out young ladies whenever he sees one he knows needs it. He spies Beth working at a strip club and sees a lonely, desperate teenagers in need of dire help. Jacob invites Bethany to stay with him and his "family" hoping to be a positive father figure in her life.

Jump ahead 5 years, I think, and Bethany has not only gone to college and been a model for the magazine, but works as a top photographer for it. Bethany has heard about what Derrick (Jacob's reluctant son) and Nathan like to do with women in their spare time. Even though they've flirted with her over the years, she always thought they were kidding - even though she hoped they weren't.

Derrick and Nathan have been drooling over Beth for a long time now, and now they think she's ready for what they have to offer her. Except when one of them gets 'extra' close to her first, the jealousy bug starts to burrow it's way into the situation. The guys argue, tension is high but Beth can't decide between the two of them - she loves them both.

Meanwhile, Beth's crazy step-father has been released form prison early and is out to get his revenge on her. He kills her mother, whom she is estranged from and plots an evil plan to show Bethany who she really belongs to and to take out the men he thinks has touched what belongs to him.

Attempts are made on lives, there are parties abound and lots of hot lovin' going on. The trio concoct a plan to trap the evil-stepfather and low and behold HEA.

I liked this one quite a bit. I enjoyed the action/danger element a lot. Although there was a lot of hot, hot lovin' going on - it wasn't PWOP and I liked that. I liked the contrast between the men: Nathan was happy go lucky and tender while Derrick was serious and intense. I think if there had been tears, it totally would have been a 5 - as it is it's a very high 4.

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