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Riley Jenson #3 - Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur

Tempting Evil (Riley Jenson Guardian, #3)Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Better than the last...

So Riley and the guardians have to go undercover to the crazy and evil Starr's estate. Instead of going like a prostitute as planned, Riley get an in and goes as a fighter instead (the winner of said fights gets to have sex with top officials of Starr's cartel) - yay! She gets in, has some sex, reads some minds, causes some trouble, saves some people and saves the day. HEA.

OK, so there really wasn't much to put in the summary, because that's what happens. As soon as she get to the estate, she finds Kade and goes off and has non-descriptive sex with him. They almost get caught and one of the top 3 baddies takes an interest to her. During that night's dinner festivities, a woman must fight for her life against some freaky blue looking guys with butterfly wings and spikes on their junk. The woman loses and eventually gets sodomized but said spiky junk blue winged men. EW and OUCH!

After Riley is supposed to stay the night with one of the baddies - Moss, but ends up with Merle - the other top baddie - instead. The sex is horrible, she roots around in his mind and figures out some more clues to accomplishing her mission.

Because of said horrible sex, she sneaks outside to find Kade for a little boom-boom. Quinn shows up during the boom-boom session and Kade keeps nailing her from behind while she and Quinn chat about the weather - ok not really the weather, but it almost felt like it.

There's an explosion, a lot of people get killed and she meets up with her brother. He gives her proof that one of roommates was behind the bomb, which she was suspecting already anyway. She confronts her roommates and kicks their butts. She ends up sleeping in a tree outside in a tree all night.

Riley is "invited" to a brunch with Starr. The breakfast entertainment includes a gimoungous scary dude and her brother. Rhoan wins the fight, kind of, and then insists Riley fight Rhoan - oh joy. Needless to say, Riley loses the fight after being knocked unconscious. She wakes up hours later while being plundered by Merle. She takes control of his mind and starts one of her plans in motion.

During a planned blackout, she infiltrates security, gets the controllers for the bombs on the chameleon people, cuts off a thumb, breaks into a lab, rescues a baby and blows up a lab. She sneaks back to her room, to find a disgruntled roommate and the connection with her brother flares to let her know he's in life-or-death danger. She makes a deal with the ex-military roommate to help their other roommate and to help Riley get to her brother. Riley does get to Rhoan, has to bite silver out of his ass and ships him off with Jack - their boss, who she's been in contact on and off during the entire mission.

Once back, it's time for dinner. Dinner's entertainment is the roommate in trouble - in trouble because the tried to kill Merle, yay. She's got to fight the blue winged spiky junked guys, and with help for Riley, she rips them to shreds. The roommate is supposed to get a chance to fight Merle - and this is when all the shit hits the fan. Merle shoots the woman, other roommate freaks out, woman does the "bad guys never die the first time" thing and blows Merle's brains out. 1 baddie down, 2 to go.

Riley then challenges Moss to fight. She holds her own. Quinn shows up and offers to help. She gets Merle's gun and shoots Starr in the face and Quinn takes out Moss. Ding dong the witch is dead.

The plot was all over the place, with kid rescuing, people saving and baddie fighting. I noticed one error when the roommates talked about who they were trying to get revenge on and the actual doing, but other than that it was an ok story. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I do not like the undescriptive sex scenes, I want to hear about the ins and outs - that's just how I am. Riley Jenson

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  1. This is a series that I've yet to start. Don't really know why as the reviews have been favorable. Need to drag them out and have a marathon read.