Friday, July 1, 2011

Follow Friday 7/1/2011

Q. ACK! Your favorite book/movie character (example Hermione Granger played by the Emma chick) just walked into the room! Who is it and what would be your first reaction? You get extra points if you include visual stimulation.

Ohhh, hard one.  I think I'm going to have to go with Kyle Kingsbury/Alex Pettyfer in Beastly.  

If not him - then Legolos/Orlando Bloom from Lord of the Rings.

And as to what I'd do if I saw them, I'd probably pee myself from excitement or my heart might stop from pure AWE.  I'm sure there would be drool...


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  2. Definitely they have the phwoar factor. Nice choice.

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  3. Hopping through. Love Orlando Bloom! So handsome.
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  4. hey there and happy Indy Day I am an old follower so just coming by to say Hi. I like Legolas as played by Orlando Bloom.
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  5. There are many reasons to keep you reading a book and just as many to stop you, curiosity or lack of it definitely being one of them.

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  6. Pettyfer!!!!! He did do great in that movie!!! Although it would have been interesting seeing him covered in hair like in the actual book!I don't think a few tattoos and making him bald made him look back at all! Sort of like Gerard in Phantom. No matter how much you 'try' to mangle hot men, its so not going to make them ugly! Cruising by on Follow me Friday!

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  7. Old follower stopping by. I totally agree about Alex Pettyfer. I wish he had gotten the part as Jace.

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